2022 Hybridization List - Todate

Completed to date first go around comprehensive (for me) crossing of some of the garden stock to test amiability to crossing and germination. Log list below. Reverses (F x M) are separate entry in log.

The results will be used to filter and focus for next years campaign to further narrow down. Unless my goals pops out of this seasons crosses.

More use of R. xanthina (germinated extremely well last year in test), and other eastern yellow, missed due to slow on draw in getting started. Always next year.

Merveille favoured due to color, and successful germination results from single “Life just Below Zero” cycle.

Emphasis on Helenae x hardy repeating CDN and +/- modern repeaters, to test if potential path for my main goals - however emasculating and pollinating “tiny” floret bloom anthers and stigmas while maintaining focus and care does not rank as “great time” outdoors during peak mosquito season - going test aerosol, v. low pressure (as in old fashion perfume bottle) blanket spraying of floret blooms with crossing pollen next time - not kidding.

2022 Garden Stock Crossing Survey - Field Season to July 20/22

1 6910 x Alika
2 6910 x R. fedtschenkoana
3 6910 x RDxS
4 Austrian Copper x Suzanne
5 Bill Reid x Merveille
6 Butterball x (Austrian Copper and Nelly Kelly mix pollen)
7 Butterball x Nelly Kelly
8 Butterball x Williams double Yellow
9 Chinook Sunrise x Prairie Peace
10 Francofurtana x Lykkefund
11 Francofurtana x Prairie Peace
12 Francofurtana x Ristimunni
13 Helena hybrida x Isabelle Skinner
14 Helena hybrida x R. fedtschenkoana
15 Helenae hybrida x L83
16 Helenae hybrida x Olds College
17 Helenae hybrida x Bill Reid
18 Helenae hybrida x RR #1 Bill Reid
19 J Cabot x Lykkefund
20 L83 x Helenae Hybrid
21 Lillian x RDxS
22 Lillian x RR #1
23 Lykkefund x J Cabot
24 Lykkefund x Bill Reid
25 Lykkefund x Olds College
26 Lykkefund x R. fedtschenkoana
27 Lykkefund x RDxS
28 Lykkefund x RR #1
29 Merveille x John Cabot
30 Merveille x R. blanda “Herttoniemi”
31 Merveille x R. fedtschenkoana
32 Merveille x RR#1
33 Merville x Bill Reid
34 Merville x Olds College
35 Merville x Porsliini Kaunota
36 Nutkana x Prairie Peace
37 Olkkala x Olds College
38 Olds College x Helenae hybrida
39 Pendulina x Austrian Copper
40 Polsjarnan x Lykeefund
41 Prairie Peace x Nutkana
42 R. fedtschenkoana x Lykkefund
43 RDxS x Lykkefund
44 Ristimunni x Francofurtana
45 RR#1 x Nelly Kelly
46 Schoeners Nutkana x Hazeldean
47 Schoeners Nutkana x Prairie Peace
48 Suzanne x Austrian Copper
49 White Altaica x Nelly Kelly
50 Winnipeg Parks x Lykkefund

Errata did cross, but not logged until now,

51 R. xanthina x Tove Jansson ( no “e”)
52 Merveille x Carefree Beauty
53 Carefree Beauty x Merveille

… found l had saved and frozen the pollen this spring from R. xanthina (normalis) - not much blooming at the time except spinos - hybrids.

Hello Rick, I too used Rosa xanthina the first time from my own plants. Again some had that funny red spot at the base of the petal. They started blooming about May 7th for 2-3 weeks. I had to freeze the pollen since nothing else was open. I had about 100 flowers, I froze the pollen from as many flowers as I was able. Perhaps this was a lucky year so that is why I froze so many. I crossed them onto everything diploid that I have, from Albertan to Rosa beggriana. I put from 10 to 20 and some to 100ish hips. I have not been at farm for awhile so I am not sure what has taken. Good luck Johannes

Txs, most of the bloom and its bi-modal peaks have past (full hardy and not so hardy).

Have a couple left as priorities.

That being crossing “probably John Franklin” and Bayse Purple.

Former started blooming and l believe l read has gene that provides black resistance. Latter always takes its time.

I found frozen Rosa primula pollen in the freezer. I had to use it on ‘Summer Wind’ cause its blooming now and its quite fertile. I intended it for ‘Willy Den Ouden’, but I completely forgot and its 5 miles away on another property. Not making extra trips for a pollination that has such an incredibly low fertility rate in this heat and these gas prices.

Fantastic crosses, really! I’m excited to hear what comes of these. Even comparing the successes and failures in terms of hip and seed setting would be valuable with such an array.

Txs for the encouraging comments, suggestions and shared experiences.

Still puttering away at filling in holes l see from standing back and checking against goals.

Results in other option crossings surfacing to test try (as in maybe secondary potential). Such as some focus on crossing polstjarnan and reverse. It is blooming the best l have seen this year - about 20 years in garden - but needs a try at amping up on its bloom size / color, without losing its hardiness. Not id any successes in history.

I am under no illusion that crosses will result in plenty of new roses to vet, hips yes, as nearly all generate them, fertile crossed seed … l have to wait and see.

Bonjour Riku,
A nice promising list! I am especially looking forward to seeing your results with the crosses of Merveille, whose superb color reminds me of that of La Belle Sultane, and also with your crosses of M6910. I hope you will have more luck than me with the latter as a seed parent. He hasn’t been very generous, in my experience over the past year, when it comes to seed production. On the other hand, its pollen gave me better results.

I used pollen from Harison Salmon, Lac Majeau and Le Cid on a few flowers of M6910 last year. The harvested fruits gave only 2 seeds per fruit and no germination. But using its pollen on these 3 rose bushes, I got better results like; for Harison Salmon, 1 fruit, 2 seeds, 0 germination; for Lac Majeau, 5 fruits, 157 seeds, 3 germinations; and for Le Cid, 3 fruits, 77 seeds, 8 germinations (see photos below). I also did some positive tests on other roses. With these results I did it again this year and made several crosses with pollen from M6910, using it mainly my own varieties.

Flowers, (My Codes), Description x Pollen

5 (10JE) Jens Munk OP x M6910
4 (11NN) (RR3 x Therese Bugnet) x M6910
3 (11oo) (RR3 x Louise Bugnet) x M6910
4 (122R-5) Lake Majeau OP x M6910
3 (134G-2) ((10TT) Basye’s Purple OP) OP x M6910
4 (15U-1) (Alfred x King J) xM6910
5 (162T) Geschwind’s Nordlandrose I OP x M6910
5 (182Q-1) ((07Q) Alison OP) OP) x M6910
3 (20N) ((10TT) Basye’s Purple OP) x Applejack) x M6910

I bet a lot on the cross with Geschwind’s Nordlandrose I, which might have R. multiflora in its genes. A few more weeks of waiting for a first natural selection, to be continued!
Good luck Riku,
#1 Le Cid x M6910.JPG
#2 Alfred x M6910.JPG

Hi André

Thank you for the excellent experience results information. It has, and will be put to good use. “Has been put to good use” occurred in the last 10 minutes when l collected the last day old blooms of my 6910s. They are drying now - that was close - glad you posted. There are still some roses with blooms l will the dab pollen on.

Finally a Geschwind bloomed after a 10 year hiatus. Signage says Ernest Dorell but not sure as three bushes in small space - Heavens Eye and Nordlander. May dab with fedstchenkona.

My Merveille bush this year looks like the old lock bridge of Pointe des Arts did with crossing tags. I have two 6” OP seedlings of it in the ground - no idea if its an F1, but might bloom true. I will keep one as backup but your welcomed to the other - l can express in fall. Its tender and l bend peg and cover outside with 6 to 12” peat moss.

Still waiting for Bayses Purple but managed to use Empress Josephine (decided to bloom this year), Agatha and Incarnata pollen on hardies ( as secondary tries, not on original list).

Again txs for the information and encouragement.


You are welcome and thank you for the offer Riku! I am happy to have allowed you to do some tests with the pollen of M6910, we can talk about the results next year. I hope it will be positive.

Same to you Andre.

Look forward to exchanging results.

The recon survey has grown by +50% in specific crossings tried. Heat is coming so time to slow to a halt. It portends to be a wild admin fall for harvesting and accurate recording and organizing the collected seeds.

Maybe this morning’s crossing of Dr. Merkeley with Merveille will be the last as it was first many years ago when l saw potential in the bloom development to copy. I call it a Fibonacci bloom style. Ammonite spirals a better representation.

Ran out of Merveille as a seed parent. Never seen published info on Merkeley trials - so its’ a long shot or have to look harder to find a yeah or nay.

My close friend selfed an OP of Basye’s Purple, and it is not pretty much just a regular magenta rugosa with typical foliage and stems. The only other rugosa on that property, other than seedlings far away, is Joan’s #3 self, and that thing is sterile (and probably an unstable tetraploid). I think Basye’s Purple just sorted itself out after 2 selfings.

Txs Pacificjade

Basye’s Purple first bloom this morning. Late but usual as not full hardy in south garden. Also midly afflicted with rugosa anemia in my soil. Really got to check my rose and etc spelling one day even after more than 3 score years … nah.

Want to try for its true color in another hardier rose and l assume since diploid it should be “easy” to cross … will see. Will stay away from crossing with rugosa … fedstschenckona most likely.

Well thats a learning on Basye purple in my garden, went to pollinate, petals had fallen off, (appeared to be opening this morning - not yesterday, or did it at night?) and filaments and anthers were curled right over stigma like a new opening bloom. Stripped the filaments and anthers (dry) and dabbed fedstchenkona on dry stigma. Hit 30C yesterday.

But more seriously it has leaf disease blotches, not sure if blackspot or other (“cercas …” something). I brag low disease press in my gardens. May not be doing a “smart crossing” using this rose.

Yeah, a lot of rugosa hybrids are super chloric when young. Its annoying but an easy soil fix (or wait for maturity in some cases).

Basye was not super fertile for us. Most OP abort, and most intended crosses usually abort. Ann Andt proved to be much easier. We used it on another property. We are now up to (Ann Endt x Ann Endt) x (Ann Endt x Ann Endt). The latest rendition is half the size and even closer internodes than the original Ann Endt. MUCH more dwarf, but the rest is practically the same, except for a little close to basic rugosa coloring.

I believe there are some other “beet root” rugosas out there from Europe. I have not seen them in person. Obviously a little help from an outside source for darker color would be helpful. We would prefer that to be something small like ‘Happy’, but it doesn’t really have dark stems or male parts. We do have ‘Violet Hood’, but it also does not have any dark parts except for half-purple blooms. If we had ‘Chevy Chase’, I wouldn’t mind crossing it onto ‘Ann Endt’ and culling any climbing seedlings out.

Hi Pacificjade

Blooms 2 and 3 developed perfectly and intriguing burgundy must be why rose is still around.

Irrespective of results, they were a pleasure to dabb because you can see the dark burgundy stigma lighten up confirming a physical coat transfer occurred. I don’t see that too often as clear on other roses due color similarity between pollen and stigma crown structure colors.

Crossed with Hunter a “favourite” rugosa.

Very nice! I think you could go further!

Hi Pacificjade,

Been mulling over, key aesthetic selling feature for me is color and stigma “black” eye” feature. Going to also try Ristinummi ( increase single bloom size and hardiness roll of dice) and R. Blanda “Herttoniemi” pollen (suppose to be fertile both ways) if get more Basye blooms. My other rugosas rejected except Ruskin, but didn’t collect pollen.

… and forgot used Bayse pollen for wild card dabs.

R. fedtshenckonana x Bayse Purple
Hunter x Basye Purple
J Cabot x Basye Purple
Winnipeg Parks x Basye Purple
RDxS x Basye Purple
John Franklin x Bayse Purple

Update List

Garden stock penultimate reconnaissance survey crossings update as the “Dog Days” start.

Objective remains the same, but last month spent trying secondary long shots in my books and using common landscape roses. Numerical value coincidental with 101 Dalmatians - can stand getting 101 germinations, but hopefully get more color, and forms variability.

A total of ~35 different seed parent varieties tried - and similar number for pollen parents (didn’t count them), and with a couple mixed pollen. Unlikely to try other crosses due to too late in season. Existing combos will continue to be crossed when more marked clusters begin to bloom (~10-15% of crosses, e.g. John Franklin the “maybe”- late starter but continuous bloomer until freeze). Average number of blooms of type crossed probably averages in the 3 to 4 range.

Hips are forming in 80-90% crossing cases, which says nothing about fertility, and germination potential, but a good start with only he usual showing termination (Lillian), and some species, and some R. fedtschenkoana crosses (a new learning). Merveille and Francofurtana are"loaded" with “hip hopes”. Some maybe due to poor pollinating technique.

The Helenae and Lykeefund crosses appear to be developing hips. Obtaining this cross fertile seed / germination was a key result hoped for, to meet one of my goals for this survey.

2022 Crossing Survey - Field Season to August 8 2022
1 6910 x Alika
2 6910 x R. fedtschenkoana
3 6910 x RDxS
4 Auli x 6910
5 Auli x R. fedtschenkoana
6 Austrian Copper x Suzanne
7 Basyes Purple x R. fedtschenkoana
8 Bayse Purple x Hunter
9 Bill Reid x Merveille
10 Butterball x (Austrian Copper + Nelly Kelly)
11 Butterball x Nelly Kelly
12 Butterball x Williams double Yellow
13 Canadian Shield x (R. fedtschenkoana + Lykeefund + Helenae Hybrida)
14 Canadian Shield x R. fedtschenkoana
15 Canadian Shield x L83
16 Canadian Shield x Merveille
17 Carefree Beauty x Bill Reid
18 Carefree Beauty x Chinook Sunrise
19 Carefree Beauty x Merveille
20 Carefree Beauty x Northern Yellow
21 Carefree Beauty x Olds College
22 Carefree Beauty x R. fedtschenkoana
23 Chinook Sunrise x Northern Yellow
24 Chinook Sunrise x Prairie Peace
25 Dr Merkeley x Merveille
26 Ernst Dorelle x R. fedtschenkoana
27 Ernst Dorrelle x 6910
28 Francofurtana x Lykkefund
29 Francofurtana x Prairie Peace
30 Francofurtana x Ristimunni
31 Helena hybrida x Isabelle Skinner
32 Helena hybrida x R. fedtschenkoana
33 Helenae hybrida x Bill Reid
34 Helenae hybrida x L83
35 Helenae hybrida x Olds College
36 Helenae hybrida x RR #1 Bill Reid
37 Hunter x Basye Purple
38 Hunter x RDxS
39 J Cabot x 6910
40 J Cabot x Basye Purple
41 J Cabot x Lykkefund
42 John Franklin x (Lykee Fund+Helenae hybrida)
43 John Franklin x Merveille
44 John Franklin x Polstjarnan
45 John Franlin x Ristimunni
46 L83 x 6910
47 L83 x Agatha
48 L83 x Empress Josephine
49 L83 x Helenae Hybrid
50 L83 x Merveille
51 Lillian Gibson x R. fedtschenkoana
52 Lillian x RDxS
53 Lillian x RR #1
54 Lykkefund x Bill Reid
55 Lykkefund x J Cabot
56 Lykkefund x Olds College
57 Lykkefund x R. fedtschenkoana
58 Lykkefund x RDxS
59 Lykkefund x RR #1
60 Merveille x Bill Reid
61 Merveille x John Cabot
62 Merveille x Olds College
63 Merveille x Polstjarnan
64 Merveille x Porsliini Kaunota
65 Merveille x R. blanda “Herttoniemi”
66 Merveille x R. fedtschenkoana
67 Merveille x RR#1
68 Northern Yellow x Merveille
69 Nutkana x Prairie Peace
70 Olds College x (Lykkefund + Helenae hybrida)
71 Olkkala x Olds College
72 Polsjarnan x Lykeefund
73 Polstjarna x Winnipeg Parks
74 Polstjarnan x Butterball
75 Polstjarnan x John Cabot
76 Polstjarnan x Merveille
77 Prairie Joy x Merveille
78 Prairie Peace x Nutkana
79 R. carolina x (RDxS)
80 R. carolina x Lykkefund
81 R. fedtschenkoana x (Lykkefund + Helenae hybrida)
82 R. fedtschenkoana x Auli
83 R. fedtschenkoana x Ormiston Roy
84 R. fedtschenkoana x Carefree Beauty
85 R. fedtshenckoana x Bayse Purple
86 (RDxS) x Basye Purple
87 (RDxS) x Helenae hybrida
88 (RDxS) x Hunter
89 (RDxS) x Lykkefund
90 Ristimunni x Francofurtana
91 RR#1 x Nelly Kelly
92 Schoeners Nutkana x Hazeldean
93 Schoeners Nutkana x Prairie Peace
94 Suzanne x Austrian Copper
95 White Altaica x Nelly Kelly
96 White Altaica x Northern Yellow
97 Winnipeg Parks x (Lykkefund + Helenae hybrida)
98 Winnipeg Parks x Basye Purple
99 Winnipeg Parks x Northern Yellow
100 Winnipeg Parks x R. blanda “Herttoniemi”
101 Winnipeg Parks x R. fedtschenkoana

Now to work on maintaining physical record control of whats what cross at the key harvest time. And then cascading to “Life just Below Zero C” stratifying and potting times. Only tag mark pollen parent name on bush crosses.