Your experience with R. virginiana

I have 5 seedlings from two seed parents from a purported R virginiana that I purchased several years ago. The mother plant was a single, spotted, deep pink, almost maroon. I’m presuming it’s a hybrid. Sadly mamma is no longer with us due to neglect during a drought, and that nursery no longer carries R. virginiana. All four seedlings, 2 recurrent, from this cross are healthy despite neglect. The two that bloomed are different shades of deep fuchsia. All germinated indoors. I have one seedling of a different cross (Delany Sisters) that bloomed indoors this spring after two years in the fridge. It’s pale pink.

I obtained seeds of another R. virginiana from the same franchise (this one a pale pink), from a hybridizing buddy. With a couple of exceptions these seeds refused to germinate indoors, but those that eventually did, are healthy. The seeds potted outdoors germinated well enough, but in time all were hit quite severely with mildew which is not common in my conditions, although this spring was long, cold & rainy. Despite the mildew, they are growing. Some have fuzzy stems which would indicate hybridity either from the nursery or my friend’s garden.

My questions are - apart from hardiness, what are the benefits of breeding with R. virginiana? Is mildew common in young seedlings? Will it persist? And what are your experiences in breeding with R. virginiana? I’m aware of Joyce Flemings hybrids.

My Rosa virginiana, I think from Hortico, never wanted to set non-OP hips. However, the pollen was potent. Some seeds of Tequila x Rosa virginiana are growing. Some hips of (Solitaire x Baby Love), a double vannila-toned mimic of Baby Love that sets hips well, x Rosa virginiana are currently ripening. I am hoping to cross either of these into Rosa wichurana groundcovers and/or roses with orange or mauve tones. I chose both seed parents due to their relative health, ease of rooting and low thorn count.

Time will tell…

And that is my only experience with Rosa virginiana other than it grows like a weed and has super shiny leaves, lol. The blooms and the plant habit have much to be desired, though. However, it does branches well and lacks stiffness for a species.

Several Carefree sunshine x Rv seeds germinated this spring; one seedling is recurrent, so may be a CS op, although leaves appear same as nonrecurrent sister seedlings. If my recollection is correct, some of Joyce Fleming’s Rv seedlings were recurrent?

I think that’s one of the advantages of this rose, that getting recurrence from a small number of seeds is relatively easy.

I think my 2 blooming offspring will be better for pollen as the hips are not expanding as much as I would have hoped. The two non bloomers have terrific foliage.