You, too, can buy a rose with proliferation! (but you can't grow it.)

Because you are spending money for that rose, and because it’s offered by a major name in roses, you’ll know it’s special.

(I hope this hasn’t been linked before…I don’t think I missed it.)

First here’s a bit from Peter Beales with a photo.

And now for that what were they thinking advertisement:

They’ve even got a trademark for the Exciting part of it. It’s available in Moscow, Paris, Berlin, London and Amsterdam.

(So you can gift someone special a proliferated rose bloom and expect them to be all googly eyed.) (Ducking and running now LOL)

And finally a link to a paper (full text) about rose proliferation.


Very reminiscent of some hideous parasite or tumorous growth… grosssss…

It just goes to show you that people really will buy anything.

I hope I’m wrong.

I just can’t see it as a ‘big ticket’ item for them, ROFLOL


Nothing says, “I just gave you scabies, dear,” like a proliferated rose on a date. lol

You are one romantic devil Jadae.

I guess that explains the look on the girl’s face?

Yeah, she looks like she is socially stuck in an awkward embrace while thinking, “I wish I could scratch” lol.

I’m so stupid…, this rose I’ve thrown to the compost :slight_smile:

Bernhard, do you know what roses were involved in the background of this one, which you binned?

I MUST call Meilland on Monday and let them know I have another smash hit cut flower variety for them to produce…


Paul… how did this one mature? Does it do this on every flower… I still think this one of yours is kinda cool in that frankenrose kinda way :slight_smile: