Yet Another Mystery Rose

Hello All…mystery rose here.

Climbing…It is very tall (perhaps 10 feet at two years old). Large, light green leaves with an herby scent. Scarlet flowers with only about 10 petals. Very open bloom when fully open. Thorny but relatively sparse thorns. Grafted. Light, sweet scent. Sets hips and has what I think is a unique feature: Whenever it blooms, it always sprouts at least two new branches from the lower bud eyes. Blooms last for around 2 weeks.

Please excuse the missing petal…this bloom is about two weeks old and is somewhat spent.

It would be helpful if you also posted where this is. There are MANY roses available in Europe, Asia and Australia we will NEVER see in the US other than in photos, and vice versa. It won’t help you if someone guesses a variety which has never been sold, or likely never will be sold, where you are. If you aren’t familiar with Help Me Find-Roses, you may find it helpful. With a premium membership ($24 a year, US) you can see breeding information, gardens listing where the varieties are grown (or have been grown) and nurseries which have previously offered them for sale. Unfortunately, the nursery listing information is often not current as too many nurseries don’t maintain their listings and the site is maintained mainly by volunteers. Roses, Peonies, Clematis and everything rose, peony and clematis related.

Sure…Kuwait Zone 10b/11. We sometimes get roses imported from Europe (Greece) sometimes from the US, and sometimes from Egypt.

Hi @Umm_Kulthum_Carter ,
I second @roseseek ‘s recommendation. Helpmefind is truly a wonderful resource and the premium membership is really worth it for any lover of roses!
Using Helpmefind’'s advanced search feature, you can enter in all the details you have observed about your rose. It will generate a list of potential candidates. Then go through that list, look at the photos and descriptions, and hopefully you’ll find the most likely identification of your rose.

Thank you @Umm_Kulthum_Carter. Unfortunately, we in the US see very few Greek and no Egyptian roses (meaning anything anything originating in Egypt, if there are any). Hopefully, someone will recognize your rose from the selection they’ve observed.

Thanks @SeasideRooftop! I will check it out.

I’d suggest you start with checking the catalogues of the rose retailers in your region (and Greece). If you have the age of the plant (if you didn’t acquire it yourself) you’ll also be able to narrow your search query down on HMF to roses introduced before this time.
Also bear in mind that many roses will be more of a shrub in colder climates and be able to become a big climber in warmer climates. So I wouldn’t narrow your search query down to just large flowered climbers. Maybe try Hybrid tea with red flowers.
But of course your best chance of finding your rose (if it is acquired in the last 10 years) is in catalogues of retailers in your region.

It reminds me of Belkanto, a 2005 red climber from Noack. I took this pix in Germany.