Yellow and apricot Rugosa's

I agree, I’ve been looking for Moore’s roses in Europe for a while and they are pretty much impossible to find.
Yellow Dagmar, Paintbrush and Sweet Chariot (sold as Insolite) available from Loubert.
The ones Roseus mentioned above, Mr Bluebird and Dresden Doll, available from Lens.
I also found Red Fairy and Lollipop on the Pharmarosa website, but I don’t know if they’re the real deal. I ordered Baby Darling from them thinking it was the Moore one and it is definitely NOT the real one so buyer beware.
Edit: To make things more confusing, some varieties have the same name as Moore roses. For example the Golden Angel that is often found is the Poulsen one (POUlpal056), and the Red Cascade that can be found is the Delbard one (DELtapirou)…

I’ve acquired Dresden Doll in november with Topaz Jewel (Yellow Dagmar). Not many other Moore roses available. Maybe Scarlet Moss also. As for yellow miniatures. Baby Love would a good one. She has a vast amount of offspring. Gives good resistance.

As for more Moore’s roses in Europe. Maybe accidentally cut off some budding material in a rose garden. :grin:

Pharmaroses looks very shady. They’ve more than one site. All look the same. Stumbled upon the a few times when searching roses.

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@KarelBvn I ordered from Pharmarosa this summer. Aside from the Baby Darling that wasn’t one, the other two were legit (Evelyn and Berlingot), and the order arrived fast, even though the roses were quite small (which was not a surprise, 2 liter pots) they have taken off well.

“As for more Moore’s roses in Europe. Maybe accidentally cut off some budding material in a rose garden. :grin:” That seems to be the only way indeed, IF you can even find them growing somewhere!

Good to know they’re ligit. Because they do have roses you can’t find elsewhere. They have sites in a lot of languages with they’re own URL. for instance would make you feel you’re ordering from a Dutch company, but the (automated?) translation is sometimes weird. I’d rather they just used one domain and be clear about their location. It appears to be a Hungarian company located in Budapest.

They’ve a nice selection of Geschwinds roses of course :slight_smile:

This is a selection of Moore’s roses I found to be present in my region, as for now.

  • Red Moss Rambler
  • Eleanor
  • Lollipop
  • Little Flirt
  • Dresden Doll
  • Little Buckaroo
  • Mr. Bluebird
  • Topaz Jewel

I’m afraid we wandered off-topic a bit.

Apricot Twist appears to function as if it’s a fertile triploid. Golden Angel, its seed parent, seems to be a strong breeder of fertile triploids. Crossed with the tetraploid, Orangeade, it produced the fertile triploid Torch of Liberty. That, crossed with the tetraploid Basye’s Legacy, produced the highly fertile triploid, Lynnie. Fertile triploids seem to be a strong line the rose wants to follow.

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