Winter Newsletter

Hey Gang,

Winter issue - topics include Beginer’s Luck, and Breeding Groundcover and Low Shrub Roses. I am sure that many of you have had some seedlings that fit into this category. Send your articles to Peter by Dec 1st. I know he is looking for articles to make it a lot easier to put this superb newsletter together. Some other topics you can write about - I am sure that most of you have harvested hips by now or will so so soon. What were some good parents you used this year? Did you get a lot of seeds? What were your goals in making this cross?

Our newsletter is read by a lot of folks who are members in quite a few countries! I know they are interested in hearing what we are doing and what we are using in our breeding programs. Peter would love to hear from you - as I mentioned before, this is NOT an English 101 term paper – no grades! Just tell it in your own words – we would love to hear what you are doing and your results.

Remember Peter is looking for a short article on the profiles of hybridizers. Look at the last issue and glean some ideas.