Winter newsletter

Received this yesterday - a splendid issue as usual. Kudos to Peter Harris, our editor, for doing this one - a lot of good info for hybridizers at all levels of experience. I hope that those of you that post to this forum, and are not members realize that you are missing one of the very good benefits of RHA membership - this newsletter! What a tremendous resource to have available. Check our home page for membership info.

Agreed. This publication just keeps getting better and better. Peter is very much responsible for making sure excellent content goes into each and every issue. Thanks Peter!


I’ll tell you one reason which has kept me from joining: I’m afraid as a hobbyist that I wouldn’t find much that was relevant to me or, worse, understandable. When you guys get to slinging ploidies around, for example, my head begins to hurt!

So, if I’m just growing roses for fun and adventure, not to achieve a particular end, would I still get enough from this publication?

It’s too bad you don’t have a previous issue available online for people like me to look at, to help us see for ourselves.


Wow, that sounds like a great idea Alicia to have a sample issue on-line for advertising. What does the board think? I hope we can convince you to join Alicia. There is a nice mix of articles in the newsletter with something for everyone.


I really like the newsletter too! One day I hope to write something about my own experiences in it.

Alicia, there are some fancy articles, but also ‘basic’ ones like pieces about people’s methods, their goals and the parents they use to get a particular trait (like the colour yellow, or bicolors). When I joined they had a special offer: the previous issues were really cheap so I asked Larry to send me all that he had available. It’s a wealth of information :slight_smile:


Alicia, you will be a happy camper if you get it. I got all the back issues I could and have learned lots from them. It’s not just for scientists. There’s a lot of basic info in the issues, too.