Winter Newsletter Has Been Mailed


The Winter newsletter was mailed today. If you expect a newsletter and don’t receive one within the next week, please contact me so that I can check your membership status. There are a few members who haven’t renewed yet since the last issue so they are not included in this mailing. If you are one of these “expired” members, a quick check with me can result in you receiving the Winter issue.


Larry, may we renew for more than one year at a time?

Also, has there been any further thought as to offering an electronic subscription?

I get one of my other newsletters as a pdf and can choose to print it out if I wish. This might save the club postage and man power.

Much thanks to Peter and contributors for pulling together and getting out such an interesting issue.



I got my copy today. Great work and thanks to you and Mary for putting this together.

Members may renew for multiple years currently. Although the recent postage increases have increased our cost to produce and mail the newsletters slightly above the dues amount, we have chosen to absorb the difference for the time being. When the new postage increases are announced that will take effect in May, I will provide the board of directors with the cost figures and they will decide if we should continue to hold the dues structure at its current level. But, for the time being, you may renew for up to three years at the current rates.

We do plan to offer the newsletter by electronic means but haven’t yet firmed up just how we will do so. The newsletter is produced in MS Word format. We would probably put it into PDF so that the various types of computers that our members have would be able to read it properly. We then need to determine the delivery method. Do we do a direct mailing to a list or do we post it in a members area on the website? If we do that, we need to determine if there is sufficient space and set up a password method of access. We haven’t figured it all out yet. Suggestions are welcome.

The current electronic newsletter I receive is by means of a link, active for 7 days at

Those wishing to receive the electronic edition need merely be kept as a separate list of e-mail addresses. Saving postage, labor and resources is a responsible choice.

I can put you in touch with the Editor that newsletter if there are questions.

Thanks, Robert