winter news letter is it out yet?

is the winter news letter out yet? love to read it ! anybody have it yet?


As Peter wrote back in late Dec, “I hope to get enough articles by January 15 to get the Newsletter together.” If he did, I’m sure he is working on it, and it will be out soon. It sure helps him out if folks would respond to the call for articles on a timely basis.


thanks john, i forgot.

Hi all,

Peter is working on the newsletter, but does not have a cover photo as of yet. Is there anyone that has a seedling photo or something else related to your hybridizing program that they would like to share with the membership? Just remember that it will be included on the next CD update TBD. It is always nice to see what a member has accomplished. This also helps with the publication of the cover in color.If you would like to do this, let Peter know.


Seedling with bloom or without? I’ve 42 seedlings all 1 inch tall. In the germination topic I put some pictures of some.

As I mentioned in my previous post - anything related to your hybridizing program. If you have seedlings, it is always more enjoyable for most of us to see a bloom, but that is not necessary. A pretty good deal to have your photo on the cover for $100, which pays for the page (front and back) in color. We will be looking for a sponsor for the spring issue soon as well, so keep that in mind.