Winnipeg Parks / Carfree Beauty


I have Winnipeg Parks and perhaps I will buy Carfree Beauty. I saw, that both roses descend from Prairie Princess. Both roses are very healthy (HMF).

Does anybody have experience to breed with Carefree Beauty or Winnipeg Parks?

I had Winnipeg Parks, but removed it after about 2 years. What I remember of it is that it was not that winter hardy for me, in particular the canes would split open. It also had some black spot. From my notes it looks like I tried it as a seed parent without and hips being set.


Several CB plants have survived here (us z5) since early 1970s with no care other than occasional mulching. CB is parent of many varieties; even Knockout descends? from CB.

Winnipeg Parks has performed well in my very cold zone 3 winters, though may be lost if we experience bitterly cold temperatures with no snowcover… otherwise, it usually has about six inches of green wood come spring. It has been a VERY easy and productive seed parent, it sets large hips crammed with seeds that germinate well.

I have had no disease problems with WP and several very good seedlings have come forth.


Perhaps what was supposed to be Winnipeg Parks, was not WP??? Liz

I found Winnipeg Parks a good seed setter, even with op hips. Some of the offspring had very full blooms. Carefree Beauty is wonderful in many ways. I’ve noticed a damask scent in it’s op offspring. One offspring (scentless) has been cane hardy through 5 winters in my garden, whereas Carefree Beauty is not. The seeds from both roses germinate well.

Great point Liz!! I am puzzled and wonder too if there are two WP forms out there. The WP in many public gardens and the general trade here doesn’t set hips all that well and is a relatively compact plant. I saw some plants full of hips a local bank and other places that had WP tags on them and they were larger growing, full of nice hips, and the color was a bit more cherry red and foliage a bit more waxy. I doubt if soil or other growing conditions would make such a difference. The ones with hips aren’t really taken care of any better.


thank you for your answers. It

Here in Minnesota they both have the about same hardiness(they both die back to the snow line). They also have about the same disease resistance (better than aversge, but not disease free). Carefree Beauty is a proven parent with lots of offspring, far more than Winnipeg Parks. If you want to go with a proven parent, go with CB. If you want use something else that not many others have used go with WP. If you can’t decide, use both. The only way to find out which works best for you is to experiment.


I have had good luck crossing Heritage and Carefree Beauty, see:

Perhaps crosses of Heritage with Winnipeg Parks would also be of interest.


I used both as mothers.

Carefree Beauty sets fruits very easily and the seeds germinate well. I’d say I had more than 75% germination. The seedlings were vigorous, hardy and always in bloom. It makes good looking roses.

Winnipeg Park sets fruits very easily, but germination is not reliable and seems to depend on the father. One drawback, the seedlings tend to be less vigorous.

Winnipeg Park cannot stand a soil with stagnant water in winter, that’s why it survives well il the prairies and always dies where it rains in winter… One major flaw…

Thanks for all these interesting information. Now I have Winnipeg Parks and I`ll buy Carefree Beauty too.

I think a cross between Carefree Beauty and Winnipeg Parks would be interesting too.


I had quite a few carefree beauty OP seedlings this Spring and just about all were discarded due to mildew. This is almost always the case and yet from what I gather this does not happen with carefree beauty seedlings when crossed with another cultivar.


Patrick, ‘Carefree Beauty’ does pass mildew onto its ofspring. I’m using ‘Priairie Harvest’ which mildews here at times.

Most offspring of Prairie Harvest also seem prone to mildew in my experience. PH has enough good qualities that I will continue to use it, for now.