Wine-colored bark

Does anyone know of any wine-colored bark roses? So far I know that High Hopes, Rosa glauca (and it’s relations), Rosa californica and Timeless do. High Hopes, at least in my area, has shown the deepest I have seen. Any other additions would be fun to speculate =)

The hybrid musk Lavender Dream.

Basye’s Purple is one. I’m pretty sure I’ve got more at home, but will have to look this weekend in daylight.

Checked out Lavander Dream today and it did have the winter bark. One thing I have noticed though. There seems to be 2 different patterns. Some seem photogenic. For example, Lavander Dream and Rosa californica only have the wine color on the side of the plant where the sun rises. Where as High Hopes and Timeless have the wine color throughout the entire plant. Im also curious, because of the wide variation within Rosa californica, if the bark is the same throughtout the species. The one’s in my area have it but each area with this species seems unique.

R. nutkana and R. bridgesii also have wine-colored bark. It’s raining now, or I would go out and check the garden for others.

Actually Ive been thinking. This whole subject was due to a Rosarians Corner discussion about looking for target qualities. As I was doing my winter rose duties and scouting over the roses it dumbstruck me that wine-colored bark is twofold. Some types seem to color up after frost and on the side towards the sunrise. Maybe this has something to do with fall sugar flow? The others are either plain-jane green or naturally purple. The naturally purple ones are the ones that intrigue me. SO, I decided to wait on this and compile a list next summer when things are more evident.