William Baffin

I would like to use William Baffin to cross with some yellow climbers with the hope of making them hardier. Can anyone suggest any yellow climbers to get me started? I do have Golden Showers. The Tahitian Moon roses have not made it through the winter despite planting them in protected areas as well as planting them deeper. None have made it through the last two winters. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

“Mr. Nash” is a yellow climber (spring blooming only I believe) which has proven hardy in Colorado. It is a “found” rose and the name refers to the gentleman who had it in his yard(can’t remember if found names are in single or double quotes). I think I bought mine from Roses Unlimited.


“Mr. Nash” was identified as ‘Doubloons’.

Ross, where do you live?

Golden Glow might be of use as well. I was told that Dr. Svejda, who bred William Baffin, said that it did not pass on its exceptional Winter hardiness to its offspring, and that to do that, you want to go back to something like L-83, which DOES pass on excellent Winter hardiness.


PS: “Mr. Nash”/Doubloons gives a lot of seedlings that Blackspot badly.

Doubloons itself blackspots very badly in Saint Louis, and I suspect that it would have the same problem in any place with average or greater rainfall.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (zone 4) Not too far from the upcoming ARS convention.

I choose William baffin because I started with one and now I’ve got quite a few. Most of the Explorer Series shrubs/climbers grow quite well here. I do have several yellow hybrid teas roses, but I grow them in pots as I still lose some with the Mn Tip method.

What is L-83 and where can I get one start my hybridizing program?

Been playing with quite a bit yellows as well.

Here are some that I am using and like:

  • Golden Glow (once blooming)

  • Lichtk


There have been several recent threads covering these topics. Just do a search for William Baffin, L83 or Golden Glow and you should able to pick a thread to read with lots of good information in it.

I too live in Minnesota and I am surprised that Tahitian Moon didn

This will be my last year using ‘Goldbusch’ as I got the repeat blooming gold-ish seedling I was hoping for.

I’ll concentrate on using the new seedling with super hardy yellows including Henry’s Rugelga x R15.

I would love to eventually put one of Liz’s yellow Morden Sunrise x Home Run seedlings on it if I don’t run into something else I can use.

Robert, was Mr. Nash positively identified as Doubloons? I know in a previous discussion it was suggested but Mr. Nash is quite hardy in Colorado (Chery Netter’s area)and I always thought Doubloons always had questionable hardiness. Just wanted to know if it has been definitely identified so without doubt.



I think it’s pretty much been confirmed.

See notes.

I know Cass Bernstein.

She is involved in identifying old cutlivars and sometimes bringing them back into commerce.

She wouldn’t make such a claim lightly. She grows ‘Doubloons’.

I suspect she grew “Mr. Nash” and ‘Doubloons’ side by side, but you can ask her.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=24013