Will hips mature

I did a March pollination program this year because the Nov. Dec temparatures (around 40C.)messed up the early program.

I now have a number of hips on bushes that are developing some colour but as the next spring period will start late Aug. in my area, I wonder can I expect them to mature through my late winter? If so,when should I harvest and will they develop the same colour that early hips did.

My flowering season runs from late Sept. and tapers off through June. Winter temps. are in the range of 0-20C with a risk of frost until mid Oct.

I am hopeful of getting something from these hips as I only got 10 in total from the early program.


What parents did you use?

Your winter temperatures should permit the hips to mature. It seems that you don’t get hard freezes, and a maturing hip should have no problem with a minimal freeze/frost.

From your seasons’ dates, it seems you’re south of the Equator; and from the minimum temperatures you suggest, it seems you’re not in an area with Antarctic influences. Australia? New Zealand?


Thanks Peter.

That is what I wanted to know and if they will colour up the same as they did early on.

I am in Australia at low elevation and well inland thus the moderate temps.


I have good hips on Stainless Steel, First Love, Blue Moon & Sterling Silver. Plum Crazy has 2 left that look like they will make it


This is a carry on from the original question as the hips are now colouring up and I will harvest by mid Aug.

This brings me to another problem as my normal harvest is coming out of stratification now and will be hopefully starting to strike by then.

My question is, what stratification should I use as I will run into 40C. temps. in Nov and last year I was forced to stop germination attempts by the heat so I want to reduce the time as much as possible.

My normal method is

Harvest hips and store in fridge untill ready to extract.

Harvest seed into pill bottles (50ml)with damp paper wad.

Store in fridge until ready to sow (including hips 3mths)

1 to 2 day soak in oxyleen (1TSP/50ml in same container)

1 to 2 day soak in Bromelain (1 tab/50ml in same container)

Sow in clear plastic trays 100mm x 200mm x 25 with clear unsealed lids which hold 50 seeds at 10mm spacings on clean river sand.

Water sand with Bromelain mix (dry sand requires 60% - 70% by vol)

Sow seed by pushing into surface of moist sand.

Rotate seed from fridge to shaded window sill weekly.

Germinated seeds will be sown in peat pellets(for ease of removal) surrounded and covered by sand in a plastic germination tray with clear cover to retain moisture.

All watering can be done from bottom using sand as moisture indicator.

I appreciate any advice given also any comments re current methods would be a help.