Whom to contact to republish ARS articles?

I’ve been builing a website for quite a while. Nothing fancy, but I want to put a bunch of ARS articles up there, but I don’t want to do it because I’m not aware of copyright laws. And they are from several years, the earliest article I want to put up is from 1927, and the newest one from 1990. I’m assuming the older articles shouldn’t be a problem, but the newer ones may be. For now the website is concentrating on only ARS articles, but gradually I want to showcase roses and put a up a few of my articles. You know, I want to have these articles readily available like Karl King’s website. Thanks… Enrique

I’d start with the Editor Michael Kromer (mike@ars-hq.org),

Managing Editor Beth Smiley (beth@ars-hq.org), or Associate Editor Ellen Trice (ellen@ars-hq.org). Good Luck!

Forget about Michael Cromer, as he’s in his last days with ARS.

Copyrights for some of the articles may have been in annuals which were copyrighted by McFarland, who has been dead for years, but whose estate may still hold some of them.


I would still start with ARS, particularly for the annuals. Someone there should respond to you. I received permission to reprint two articles from the 1948 annual for our newest hybridizers booklet - Rose Hybridizing “The Next Step”.