Who was "Maria Stern?"

Good morning all, and in anticipation, thanks for the warm welcome to the group.
My wife has asked how come the name “Maria Stern,” given to this gorgeous rose.
The color and form are stunning.
It is one of her favorites, and she is curious. I can not find any reference as to who Ms. Maria Stern was.
Mr. Google tells me she was a poker player, and I rather suspect is was not she, but there again…
And thanks.

Welcome, John.

Perhaps there is a connection to Stern’s Nursery, Geneva, New York. The business was active from 1951- 1995. Yes, it sold roses.

Per the rose page on Help Me Find-Roses…

“Maria Stern was the wife of Otto A Stern, owner of Stern’s Nursery, Geneva, NY. Stern’s Nursery introduced ‘Maria Stern’.”

Kim, you didn’t waste any time getting that link posted. The note was added only a couple minutes before you posted it. It was an interesting but brief research project. Maria Stern died at age 90 in 1999, so she had many years to enjoy her rose.

Just the luck of the draw, Peter. Thanks for digging it up! I figured it must have been something like that. I knew she wasn’t a Margaret Chase Smith or a Marian Anderson, so she must have been more of a “Charlotte Armstrong” or “Dorothy Perkins”.

Thank you, “Roseseek” and Paul Olsen for the reply.
I’ll inform my wife, who will be interested to know, and thanks again.

I have seen Marie Stern and other Brownwell roses every spring at the Home Depot in Bloomington, Mn in what are known in this forum as body bags. If this is a way for you to get the rose your are looking for, I would be happy to pick up a couple if you wish and we can figure out how to send them to you if you wish.

Jungs seed catalog sometimes offers them for sale as well.

I know a person at Home Depot in charge of ordering inside and outdoor plants and he has let me know when orders arrive at his store. I also raise orchids, so I have been helping him become more well versed on orchids when customers ask him questions.

If you are still interested as Spring gets closer here, I would be happy to help you.

Ross Becker