White/beige pollen

Hello hybridizers,

Yesterday I visited the Wageningen Botanical Gardens which holds the Dutch Plant Collection of Rosaceae. I gathered pollen from quite a few roses, and applied it on some garden hybrids today. Don’t know if it’s going to be worthwile, but it’s fun.

Anyway, I noticed that pollen from Hillieri (R. moyesii x ? R. wilmottiae) and (R. virginiana x R. macrophylla) was white or beige instead of yellow. Is this pollen not fertile? Or is it just coincidence that only the pollen of species hybrids was this colour?

I also gathered pollen from:

R. longicuspis (although probably NOT, because it didn’t look like a rambler at all)

R. laxa Retz.

R. gallica ‘Splendens’

Cardinal de Richelieu

R. acicularis var. nipponensis

R. rugotida ‘Darthuis I’ (an R. rugosa x R. nitida hybrid)

There are loads more, and some very obscure, species. Here is a list if you’re interested.

Link: www.wageningen-ur.nl/botanische_tuinen/catalogus/dicotyledonae/rosaceae.html

Crystalline, Rosa Moyesii Geranium and some rugosas give me white pollen.

Thank you, jadae. Does that mean it has the same chance of being fertile than any other pollen?

I “assume” so but I cant say universally. I know that Crystalline and the rugosa works personally. Im not sure if it means anything scientifically. I am sure others might know. But at the point, it seem purely aesthetic in relation to the color of male parts themselves. However, I do know that old “yellow” pollen can degrade to white. I know that pollen in grasses are various colors as well. My potentilla pollen was either yellow or white as well.

Pollen from r. nitida is whiteish too. Just used some this eveining on r. multiflora nana. I have to admit, its a pain removing anthers from r. multiflora nana.

I don’t know if it is just me, but it seems that bright yellow pollen tends to be more fertile. For me ‘Crystalline’ had extremely low fertility as a pollen parent, but is a very good seed parent.

Jim Sproul