Which roses should I try next season?


Next season I will for the first time try to make hybridizations with some of my roses from my garden. I have about 20 different species to choose from, but I don

Westerland for sure! It and it’s sports are wonderful roses.

HC Anderson- Ive used it for a few years. WONDERFUL seed parent. High hip take and germination. Most seedlings mildew really bad. Can produce coral orange seedlings as well. I finally have a HC Anderson x Playboy seedling without mildew this year. Anyways, use it but try to find something that is really mildew resistant. I tried Scarlet Moss with it this year. I’ll see how that goes when they germinate…

My HC Anderson is a big solid plant so I will try this one for sure, thanks!

I nearly forgot I also have one Abraham Derby plant, which should be a good one too.


Bonica is one of the easiest seed parents there is. Graham Thomas and Westerland are also easy seed parents.

From your list, I have also used Aloha and Abraham Darby as seed parents. They are not easy, but you will get some seeds.

Thanks for your informations Shane. Westerland and Bonica are both big and solid plants, so I will try them next summer for sure!

Aloha, Abraham Darby and Graham Thomas are all new plants in my garden, but then I can use them as pollen parents.

Graham Thomas is an easy seed parent, but my germination rate with them has been low, and the quality of seedlings has also not been high.

Any agreement/disagreement with this?

Chris Mauchline