Which pollen for Pink Masquerade?

I am surprised to find Simonet’s Pink Masquerade in bloom this early and my species collection is beginning to bloom.

Of Canadian roses, I have F.L. Skinner, Mrs. F.L. Skinner, Suzanne, Metis, and Helen Bland in or soon to be in bloom.

Species are the ususal suspects, laxa, begerriana, spinosissima, omiensis, carolina, virginiana, rugosas, roxbergiis, californica, setigera, multiflora, assorted gallicas and chinas and noisettes as well as teas.

Last summer I was so pleased with Pink Masquerade’s continued bloom through til freeze in November. I didn’t expect the Canadian roses from the high plains to be among my earliest blooms so I had no inkling that their bloom would coincide with so many species.