Which multiflora is used as understock?

Is this the R. multiflora used as an undertstock? There seems to be so many I am getting confused which is which.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=56739&tab=10

You can use any of them.

There are some thornless selctions that people like to use to make grafting/budding easier. Thornless stems (they still have prickles under the leaves) is a simply inherited recessive trait. If you have a couple different thornless selections growing near each other and save seed, chances are that you will get a lot of thornless progeny if you want to use seedlings instead of cuttings. I think that generally diploid R. multiflora are self incompatible and need another clone for successful fruit and seed development. I think that some of the thornless R. multiflora rootstock selection descendants I have are a little leaky in their self incompatibility and there are some selfs getting through.



You can get Burrs Multiflora VID from UC Davis. It is thornless.

Where are you located, Simon?

I have some thornless selections grown from seed that I use. By virtue of their being grown from seed I would assume they are virus free, but I have not tested them.

I have multiflora seeds which can be grown for rootstock.

About 1/3 of plants will be thornless.

Germination very good.

I’m in Tasmania, Australia. I have two plants of R. multiflora that I found in the ‘reject bin’ of a small nursery and thought I’d try to save them and see how they go. No sign of RMV but is hard to tell as they were very undernourished.