Where is Dr. Basye's 'Thornless Fortuniana' and others?

I would like to know where are these Dr. Basye Roses? One of them is his re-creation of a thornless form of Fortuniana mentioned in the 73rd ARS Annual. (I’ve got a typed up article for those who would like one.) And I’m also looking for his myrrh-scented rose descended by R. macrantha. I remember Bob Byrnes had it, but looks like he’s disappeared for a while, unless he is using a different name.


Heirloom Old Garden Roses had the myrrh-scented one in their limited quantity list (I think in 2000 or 2001).


I grow Basye’s Myrrh Scented rose, and its a wonderful thing. Lovely soft peachy pink blooms on a healthy shrub, with an excellent fragrance. A very nice rose indeed.


You might try asking Dr. David Byrne at Texas A&M. His email address is: d-byrne@tamu.edu

If you find out where to get it, please post it here.

Thanks Jim! I’ve emailed Dr. Byrne. Hopefully I can get some rooting material.

Prof. David H. Byrne has replied my email and he is kindly sending me rooted cuttings. So in a month or so I ought to get one if he still remembers. Thanks,