Where do I buy Sunshine-Mix # 4

Anyone know where to buy this stuff? I am in Philadelphia.

Are there any other mixes someone could recommend for starting seeds. I am a compulsive overwaterer (if that is a word=))!!

Thanks for you help!


If you cannot find the SS-#4, you can always make your own mix. Mixes with medium sized perlite (fine gets too powdery I think) and some not too fine peat can drain easy for the watering concern. If you don’t have connections with a wholesale greenhouse supply place, perhaps just go to a large greenhouse/nursery in your area that does some of their own propagation and see what they use. If you like it maybe they’ll sell a bag or two to you.

Local rose societies with their tax exempt number can set up an account with wholesale greenhouse suppliers. Perhaps many members can put together an order and everyone can benefit from the ability to buy media and pots and things in bulk. The club I’m in has an account and I think I’ll encourage that more than I have in the past this spring.



I’ve been very happy with Scotts Potting Soil for Seed Starting and it’s easy to find (Home Depot carries it) - however, make sure it’s fresh. Once it dries out, it’s impossible to rewet.

I generally water the mix the day before I plant so it’s not sopping wet when I put the seedlings in.

Thank you David and Judith, that helps!

Here is a link to the company’s web-site where you can find a local supplier in your area.

I have been using this mix for over 10 years now. It is a professional mix and I use it for my own root cuttings and for germinating and planting the seedlings in.

Link: www.sungro.com/