Where are all the hybridizers?

Anyone heard from Bob Byrnes or Randy Hughes?

Are there any other hybridizing forums out there where people might be hiding?

It’d be great to get this forum more active.


I’ve been looking for Bob for a very long time. . . He just fell out. I promised him a rooted 77-361 over 2 years ago, but he’s gone. He doesn’t answer my emails and his webpage hasn’t be updated for a very long time.

Mike and Enrique,

Hello guys. It’s been some time since I’ve been on the net to any of the rose forums and the first time back I come across a message mentioning my name. :slight_smile: The reason I’ve been out of touch is a long story but the short of it is that I lost my job of 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry, went back to school and got certified as a massage therapist, sold my home and bought another that needed major renovations, worked on that for 1.5 years and now that house is up for sale as I plan to once again move…back to NJ.

I’ve kept up breeding roses and keeping the seeds but haven’t raised any seedlings for the last 2 years. I miss that part of the breeding program and look forward to raising new seedlings after I relocate.

Enrique you are right, I haven’t updated my website in quite some time but I hope to get back to that in the very near future. Sorry that I didn’t get any of your emails. I’ve gone through several email addresses over the last 2 years but will be using musclemedic@earthlink.net for quite some time to come as it is tied to my new career.

I hope all is well with you both. I will try to get more active on the rose sites once again as I go through the selling/relocation process.



Wow Bob,

Good to hear from you. That’s quite a story. I sincerely hope everything works out well for you in the near and not so near future concerning your job.

Glad to hear that you’ve kept up your interest in hybridizing. Do you still have that Reine des Violettes/Tuscany Superb seedling? If so, how is it?

Take care,



Hi there. Thank you for your well wishes. Good to hear from you as well. :slight_smile: I still have seveal RdV x Tuscany Superb seedlings and I still have the one that bloomed while only 3 inches tall. This is the first season that I will be able to see if it repeats bloom later in the season. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. There is a sibling seedling that bloomed for the first time and it is a wonderful blend of mauve and red/plum coloring…more redish towards the center and mauve extending out to the outer petals. I took pics this season and will post them after I get a chance to down load them. I hope all is well with you.