When to gather pollen?

We are expecting heavy rain over the next two days. I have a number of Crested Moss blooms that I want to gather pollen from, but I think they may be immature. CM offers little pollen and I don’t want to miss the chance to get what I can. If I wait these blooms may ball and mold. Or I could wait until Friday when that thing called the Sun is supposed to reappear. What would you do with these blooms? I included a link to a picture of the bloom.

Link: istover.com/crestedmoss.jpg

That bloom in the picture looks like it could be ready to take pollen from. But if you are doubtful of that you could cut it with a little bit of stem and put it in a vase with water for a day or two.

Good luck!

I’ll second Jeanie’s suggestions! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Pinch the bloom. If it feels hollow then collect the pollen now. Otherwise, stick a baggie over it and wait until it no longer feels hard.

Thanks Guys:

I gathered up three blooms and managed to gather some anthers. I’ve got it drying now. Thanks for the advice. I just hope it takes. I plan on putting it on Cal Poly because I’m shooting for a crested yellow mini. I’m hoping this is the first step in what I see as a years long effort.

Ideally, those blooms ought to be a wee bit more developed than that to gather pollen from, but as others have suggested, you can always “bag em” for a day or two to allow them to mature more. I can gather pollen from my plant here as well if you want more. It is a mature plant and generally produces quite a bit.


Let me see how things go with this blasted rain. Right now I have a couple of bushes that have blooms, but I’m a little concerned about them balling and molding.

My wife thinks I’m grazy running around with a pocket full of plastic bags and putting them on the roses. I think she’s beginning to get the idea I’m serious about this hobby.