When does mould become a problem

I have sowed my first crop after 2 mths. in fridge

The seeds are in the surface of seed starting mix 90mm deep over 15 mm perlite and all watering has been from the bottom. I check them daily with a 10x magnification.

At 1 week mould has started to develop (mostly light grey with a bluish tinge, but some white,bright and solid spots).

As I have read that mould can sometimes help with germination how do I decide when to treat and what treatment is best if required.

Any advice would be appreciated


Russ, I plant my seeds 1/4 inch deep in potting mix with 1/4" top dressing of perlite. Many of the seeds have a similar mold on them when removed from the refrigerator, but I do not worry about it.

Jim Sproul