What's your favorite fragrance?

What are some of your favorite fragrances for roses? My personal fave is Vavoom, and the hips have a nice flavor as well.

That is a tough one! I am drawn to the candy-like and myrrh fragrances. For example, I cannot put down the Austin roses Heritage, Tamora, or Buck’s Distant Drums once I pick a flower. They are intoxicating. The same with Pink Peace and Chrysler Imperial - much different fragrance type than the Austin’s but equally as delicious.

But Fragrant Cloud is my hands down favorite of all. There is nothing else quite like it.

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Felicite Parmentier and De Rescht


Bulgari’s BLACK from the mid-90’s.

In roses, ‘Sweet Fairy’ smells exactly like the wild roses where I was born, ‘Nymphenburg’ is eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-my-head sweet damask, and ‘Abraham Darby’ smells like a delicious fruit-syrup I want to drizzle generously on ice cream.
‘Golden Wings’ and ‘Graham Thomas’ are both “tea”, but of different strengths and flavours…
‘Night Owl’ is sweet & “soapy” with a hint of clove, while ‘Lady of Shalott’ is undeniably fragrant, but so complex it’s difficult to put in words.
Favourites? Nah.

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Secret Garden Musk almost burns as you inhale, very intoxicating. Francis E Lester would be second. Personally not a fan of the myrrh scent in Austins. Steve

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My favorites have been spice, earth angel, tipsy imperial concubine, and lady emma hamilton. Such good fragrances.

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Golden Celebration and Westerland

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Nothing has topped Sheila’s Perfume for me personally, Double Delight comes closest.


Sterling Silver by several orders of magnitude over all others, then Tiffany.

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