Whats in the Fridge

An update on my first series of crosses. Though I have been working with a lot of open pollinated seedlings and a few crosses of my own in the last couple of years, I had yet done a lot of my own crosses. This year was a little different. I have a lot more seeds from crosses that I have attempted.

Not sure if anyone is interested but here is what I have in the fridge for stratification.

Golden Unicorn x Golden Age

Autumn Sunset x Apple Jack

Golden Unicorn x Prarie Peace (I have a lot of these)

Hawkeye Belle x Bayse Legacy

Golden Age x L. Lucia

Golden Unicorn x Hawkeye Belle

Graham Thomas x Irenes Delight (Mike Lowes Irenes Delight)

Apple Jack x Golden Glow

L. Lucia x Hawkeye Belle

Apple Jack x Suzanne

Prairie Harvest x Prairie Peace

Of these, I am really interested in the Golden Unicorn x Prairie Peace, Prairie Harvest x Prairie Peace and Hawkeye Belle x Bayses Legacy.

All my crosses with Prairie Peace are interesting to me because I want to see what kind of winter hardyness will show up from a Zone 2/3 cross with a Zone 4/5.

I did try several crosses with Hazeldean pollen but nothing took. The pollen that I did receive had an odd odor to it so I think it may have gone bad in transit to my house. I hope to have some crosses with Hazeldean in 2007. I just moved to Boise ID and have to re-establish my rose garden.

Hawkeye Belle x Bayses Legacy is a cross of opportunity. I received Bayses Legacy pollen in the mail and the only thing I had in bloom was HB. When I made the cross at first I want not overly pleased. The more I think about it though, I think its a great cross. I think these 2 roses together might make a really interesting offspring. HB has a lot of petals and is pretty darn hardy. This cross is the only one that produced seed in HB. I tried 10 other roses on HB but had no success.

I really want to use Hawkeye Belle pollen on Beauty of Leafland when my plant matures.

I like Hawkeye Belle because of its form and disease resistance. It does tend to ball and some people say that it can get BS to an exceptional degree. I often wonder what a rose like HB combined with a quick opening rose would produce.

I also have about 200 seeds from open pollinated hips. My daughter collected numerous hip throughout the season and has requested that I try to grow the seeds. She is 4 and has had all her friends over to collect hips at one time or another. All her hips were mixed together. It will be interesting to see what turns out. There is everything from rosa nitida hips to Paradise hips all mixed together. She made me promise that she can give names to the ones she likes. They can join Michael Big Fower, Mice E Mouse Rose and Moose E Moose rose in my garden. Michael Bigflower is a OP Folksinger and Mice E MOuse and Moose E Moose are OP Pimpernelle seeds from hips I collected at a garden center. Yellow and pleasntly fragrant.

I am also really interested in the Graham Thomas x Irenes Delight. Irenes Delight is Autumn Sunset x William Baffin. Irenes Delight is a very pretty, hardy, disease resitance and once blooming rose bread by Mike Lowe. Its one of my more favorite roses. I love the flower. Graham is moderately hardy for me. The nice yellow combined with the yellow and oragnes of Irenes delight would be wonderful. I am sure they will all be pink but I can hope.

-Steve J

I did my very first cross this summer. lol, I’ve never even tried growing roses from seed before.

But now I have seeds in the fridge. They are Midnight Blue x Oklahoma.

I picked those two because both have showen excellent black spot resistance and fragrance in my yard. Since I have respriatory problems I my spray program is all organic and VERY minmal (twice or three times a season). This makes growing most fragrant roses challenging :slight_smile:, So I am hoping the disease resistance/fragrance combo will come through.

I’ll list a few… I can’t remember all of them.

cesar e chavez X shropshire lass

eglatine X Applejack

Basye’s Blueberry X (Queen Elizabeth X Basye’s Legacy)

Livin Easy X Robusta

Perle d’Or X Renae

McCarthy Rose X Compassion

General Jack X Queen Elizabeth


Steve J, good to see you are using such HARDY roses as Prairie Peace and had attempted to work with Hazeldean. This year I had crossed Hazeldean with Climbing Goldmarie and have obtained many seeds. I will continue to work with the resulting seedlings in hopes of obtaining a vigorous and HARDY repeat blooming yellow.