What to do with green seeds

I have a rose with about 40 large hips that are over 120 days but they are not heavily coloured(dark green with shades of grey to brown). The hips are all packed with seeds, some have split open and many seeds are exposed. The exposed seeds are still green to my eye and look immature.

What should I do? Do I harvest on time with the rest of the crop, or leave them and hope they mature more?

Are the seeds likely to be fertile if still green to the eye?

Will they mature now as we are entering our winter season?(temps wil only fall to about -2deg.C)or does development stop.

Any advice would be appreciated as this would be the largest seed harvest I have had from any cross I have done.



I think your choice of actions depends to some degree on what class of roses we’re talking about. Can you tell us what the rose is, and what class its from? Some roses, like the original Teas, don’t color as they mature, so you just have to assume they’re ready to pick at a certain point. Some varieties are fully ripe without ever changing color. So, tell us…what is the seed parent? :slight_smile:

In my experience, hips can be left on the plant to continue maturing well beyond the early frosts if necessary. Sometimes I don’t pick seeds from a few plants until March, at which point they have been exposed to freeze events as low as 12F, but not all varieties’ seeds will survive freeze events that cold.

Thanks Paul

The seed parent is Sterling Silver, it is the most prolific seed parent I have. It seems to take from every pollination I try. The number of seeds in these hips will be more than all the rest of my crosses combined so I dont want to spoil them.

There were 4 hips that formed from the first flush(about 4 weeks older) and these had coloured orange with the stem still green. I have harvested them normally at 120 days plus but the main crop is the concern as it shows so much promise but is not colouring in the same way.