What roses are new to your hybridizing program this year?

I’m hybridizing with some new (to me) varieties this year, including a few of my best seedlings:

(Livin’ Easy x R. kordesii) x Lavaglut
Danae x Mutabilis
Arthur Bell x Comte de Chambord
Apricot Twist x Ed Yesan
General Schablikine
Perfume Tiger
Indian Love Call (thanks Kim!)

I’m also using a couple of roses that I’ve only tried in a few crosses in the past:

R. webbiana
Secret Recipe

What roses are new to your hybridizing program this year?

You’re welcome, Jim! I’ve added R. Serafinii and brought back R. Stellata mirifica, then added Pacific Serenade, Cl. Lady Hillingdon, Diamond Jubilee, Mme Antoine Mari, Mrs. B.R. Cant, William R. Smith, Mons. Tillier, Faith Whittlesey, Rosette Delizy, Maman Cochet and a few things from Robert Rippetoe only known by strings of letters, but all containing either Gigantea, Banksiea or both.

I am trying one of my own seedlings (not the only one, but this one stands out) which is {DLfed X( Dorola X Basyes Legacy)}, a very fertile orangey salmon with a yellow center with pretty fast rebloom. Another is a Gemini x Prairie Peace seedling, in search of some rebloom. My (Walking On Sunshine x Rosa Altai) which blooms for about 5 months has set some hips this yr. Did try it last yr but all were aborted, so this should be a new source of seed this yr. Have a half dozen new cuttings of old garden roses that might get into the mix soon–among them Gruss an Aachen, new to me.

Mons. Tillier is one of my favorite parents. I’m using it a lot this year. It does drop a lot of hips early in the season due to botrytis here, but maybe you won’t have that problem where you are. Its pollen is wonderfully fertile. I mostly use it on diploids, but it works well on tetraploids too. I haven’t have much luck with Lady Hillingdon or Maman Cochet in the past, but I’m trying Maman Cochet again this year.

Some being used for the first time this season:

Prairie Celebration
Music Box
Ann Endt
Apricot Twist
Baby Love
Basye’s Blueberry
City of Hastings
Darcey Bussell
Denver’s Dream
First Impression
Golden Fairy Tale
Hamburger Phoenix
Golden Angel x R. soulieana
Golden Horizon
Lavender Kordana
Oso Happy Smoothie
Pink Petticoat
Red Dawn x Suzanne
R. rugosa x R. xanthina
Rosa woodsii ‘Kimberley’
Stormy Weather
Suntan Beauty
((R. rugosa rubra x OP) x OP) x OP the F1 was chemically treated and chromosome doubled. I have 4 converted plants.
OADEFED → Orangeade ® × Rosa fedtschenkoana Regel
13-2 → Carefree Beauty x Garden Slipper (Davis)
13-1 → Orange Surprise x First Impression (Davis)
11-3 → (Goldbusch x OP) x Rainbow Knock Out (Davis)
Orange Surprise (Davis) → (Carefree Beauty x Rise N Shine) x (Carefree Beauty x Austrian Copper= [ Carefree Copper])
(Fragrant Cloud x R. carolina) x R. virginiana → Tom Silvers’ “3/4 native”
FRPXGOW (Rippetoe) → French Perfume × Golden Wings (Shrub, Shepherd, 1956)

Some of my own:

CPSC → Cal Poly x Strawberry Cream
SPLASHED → Splash of Color x Splash of Color
REMORSOUL → Royal Edward x MORsoul
MMILC → Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1 several seedlings of this cross
BEILC → Brite Eyes x ILC1-72-1 A few seedlings of this cross
LSWGAL → Lemon Splash x WGAL → WGAL= Westerland x (Golden Angel x L83) a few from this cross

I’m a big fan of hybridizing with OGRs. A rose has to be tough to survive decades of being out of fashion, and I want my seedlings to have that toughness.

I am very intrigued by this seedling. What is it like? I imagine that it would have beautiful foliage.

Last Fall hubby and I built two new raised beds with cinder blocks and I filled them with good Rose mix soil and planted all of the roses I have hybridized. One of those was a Rose that had spent all it’s life in a pot, wow did it respond! Kissenspitzen (Julia Child X Heritage) never particularly impressed me because it is a semi-double, ivory to white. It has a great fragrance and the plant structure and foliage is very pretty. This spring I decided to put a rainbow of colors on it just to see what it would do. I think every cross I put on it has set! The name translation is Lace Pillow.

Julia child has been added back in this year. Previously, I had a rootstock Rose which died, this year I found one that is own root so after 6 years she is back in the line up.

Another one of my roses that is new this year is Watermelon Wine (Irish Mist X Smoky).

Joan Richardson
Zone 8 Central Texas

[attachment=0]Coronation.0602.2016-close-.gif[/attachment][attachment=1]H22-15.Coronation-X-14E-04-.gif[/attachment][attachment=2]Apricot Hillingdon.gif[/attachment]

H22-15 Jelinek is a 2015 cross from Coronation, HARBella 1995 English Legend Floribunda with 14E-04 Jelinek (Lilian Austin X Lady Hillingdon) I have used both Coronation and Lady Hillingdon for crossing the past two years. Coronation is a garden worthy bush that has very good disease resistance. 14E-04 Jelinek (Apricot Hillingdon also has good disease resistance and makes a nice upright bush. The goal has always been to promote the beautiful aspects of Lady Hillingdon and leave behind its weaker disease resistance. The original Lady Hillingdon has a nodding very pretty bloom.

Francis Meilland - pollen on Rêve d’Or, New Dawn, Carefree Beauty, and others I think - I use no chemicals - first year, it’s still a small plant but FM impresses me so far with its resistance to both bugs and disease.
Cecile Brunner - only two hips set - Rêve d’Or and Francis Meilland pollen.
Duchesse de Brabant - both ways - a rose that I’ve had, but never used before.
Bolero with New Dawn, Blush Noisette, and Heritage pollen - worried about these hips though - not looking as fat as I’d like.
One hip on Rêve d’Or with pollen from a white seedling of New Dawn that I’ve had, but never had any luck with either way before.
Blush Noisette as a pollen donor - maybe a dozen scattered around - excited.
Don Juan, Crimson Glory, and Double Knock Out - DJ and CG both ways, DKO pollen CG.
Crimson Glory - pollen also on Carefree Beauty, Rêve d’Or, and probably a couple more.

Viru’s Aussie Sixer - no luck as receiver, I don’t understand it’s center - protected by green leafy growths, but yet it sets a few OP hips - pollen worked on Rêve d’Or and Safrano (both kind of redundant)

And probably others that may be new to ya’ll. I need to take an inventory, I know I have way too many hips going - markers are everywhere - will count and publish when I get the time and see if anyone wants the excess.

Here are some pictures taken yesterday of Golden Angel x R. soulieana. I’m hoping to get F1 out of this one this season.

Some are new for this year if only because the previous year’s work was consumed by varmints (As of a few days ago, I’m paying an extra $1k a month to have a site free of wildlife, so things shoud get better), but others bloomed for me for the first time. I used mixed pollens in all cases, so I’m not sure what all I have yet, but there are hips which contain most or all of the following that I’ve not successfully bred before:

Aimable Rouge
Alfred Colomb
Baronne Prevost
Chapeau de Napoleon
Comte de Chambord
Felicite Parmentier
Hebe’s Lip
Jacques Cartier
La Reine
Madame Hardy
Maiden’s Blush
Reine des Violettes
Rosa carolina
Rosa corymbifera ‘Laxa’
Rosa sempervirens
Rose de Rescht
Rose des Peintres
Rose du Roi of commerce
Single Musk
Stanwell Perpetual
Vick’s Caprice

At least 3/4 of those are only pollen parents, mainly on Hebe’s Lip and Saint Nicholas. I could find no pollen in Mme Hardy, and having only seen one hip on that plant, anywhere, ever, I didn’t even bother to tag it when I pollinated it, but to my amazement, it has definitely set some hips. Must have been the weird weather.

Coming up next: R. fedtschenkoana, Rose de la Maitre Ecole, Rose d’Orsay, and a number of things that didn’t want to bloom this year, or which had their blooms torn off by animals.


18C-15 Jelinek is new this year. Chrysler Imperial, HT dr, 1952 Lammerts X Prospero, S, dr, 1983 Austin. It appears to be a climber, already 3 ft tall, and cluster flowered, which would have come from Prospero, since Chrysler Imperial is single stemmed. Both parents are fragrant, and this first bloom has a good fragrance. I’ll be looking for good BS resistance and fragrance. Chrysler Imperial has good disease resistance, but Prospero not so much.