What rose is this!?

Hi All,

Does anyone know what rose this is? I do think its’ a species as I found it to be growing wild in many suburban areas in Victoria i.e near rivers and road sides etc… I also think its related very closely to r.rubignosa and r.canina because of the overall similar phenotype. The leaves are very thin and have a very grey green color to the leaves and the stems etc… There is no scent in the leaves or the flowers. Im guessing its a pentaploid and would love to use it in breeding…

Anyone have any idea?

My guess is R. canina rootstock that sprouted up. Is it the thornless version?


Victoria Aus or Victoria BC?

Hello Pasquale,

I dug up a root and cutting from a wild rose that looked like this from a thriving patch by the roadside in Sooke, Vancouver, British Columbia. It was right next to the ocean. I put it in a plastic bag in the back of my car before taking the Ferry back to Port Angeles. The customs inspector there confiscated it from my car, along with bananas and oranges, and my name was put on a list as a potential smuggler! I’d like to go back to Sooke and French Beach, but I don’t know how I’d fare on a second try on crossing the border.

If it’s in that area, have you eliminated the two local species, R. nutkana and R. gymnocarpa? They can be quite variable. Do you have a shot of the stems? Nutkana’s thorn pattern is fairly distinctive.

I have seen something that looks to me like R.blanda growing right at the oceanside in Vancouver. But Vancouver is much more likely to have naturalized exotics than Sooke, it seems to me.