What I like about this Rose

This is one of my own which has the breediing of Charles Austin X Arjuna. The colour change is quite dramatic and its flowering ability is quite awesome as well. I found alot of F1/F2 of Altissimo show this colour change, even in the red tones , colour iintensifies.

[attachment 1444 JukeboxTune.jpg] Freshly opened bloom

[attachment 1445 JukeboxTune2.jpg] The colour change and bloom numbers, shrub density.

Very fine rose Warren. Are you perchance familiar with Music Box, a new Ping Lim rose? It also does the color change but way less. Interesting how you’re both tuned in to the same wavelengths in naming.

The first image resembles a camellia greatly. Very nice seedlings, Warren.

That is absolutely lovely, Warren. Did it capture any fragrance from its parents?


Thanks fellas.

Larry I really like the way Ping Lim breeds and would’nt mind spending a few days in his company talking roses, would be a real treat.

Stefan it has only a mild perfume but has other benifits, vigour, health and colour.

Hi Warren,

A very beautiful seedling. I like the blooms and the foliage - very nice.

Lovely indeed! My first thought is to add yellow and get a really dramatic bicolor effect from the color change.

Jberg it does n’t need any other colour , you should see it in real life, its quite a stand out from a distance.

It never ceases to amaze me the colors that roses can produce. Very, very nice. I’ll take two. ;-D

Keep 'em coming Warren. Great work!

Thanks again, Warren. As I stated in another post to you, I am a fan of mutable roses, and you have convinced me to start playing with Altissimo. (I would have never expected it to have been the culprit…) It makes me wonder what is in the pedigree beyond “Ténor × Seedling”.