What crosses are you making this year?

Well, things are finally blooming (it finally stopped raining a few days ago), and I’ve started making crosses. So far:

R. woodsii ultramontana x L83 (Thanks, Paul!)

R. woodsii ultramontana x “Fort Pella Purple”

R. f. persica x “Fort Pella Purple”

R. f. persica x R. w. ultramontana

R. f. persica x “Dots Enough” (R. arkansana)

R. woodsii feldleri x “Dots Enough” (R. arkansana)

‘Reine des Violettes’ x “Dots Enough” (R. arkansana)

‘Scentsational’ x “Dots Enough” (R. arkansana)

“Fort Pella Purple” x “Dots Enough” (R. arkansana)

‘George Burns’ x L83

‘Aschermittwoch’ x “Dots Enough” (R. arkansana)

“Morning Stars” (spotted alba) x “Dots Enough” (R. arkansana)

‘Hot Cocoa’ x “Fort Pella Purple”

‘Hot Cocoa’ x ‘Camieux’

More to come as more roses bloom!

What are you crossing this year?

LOL…I decided to go ahead and do a few crosses here in the start of our “winter”… to be honest I see sooooo many roses set hips throughout the entire year here, I decided that the climate may be quite acceptable for this… We will see… LOL. There are still LOTS of flowers about, if that is an indication!

Elina x Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower x Climbing Peace

Eiffel Tower x Elina


Lots and lots of Livin’ Easy X Persian Sunset…

Other small ones:

R. foliolosa X R. blanda

Queen Elizabeth X Evelyn

Aloha X Evelyn

(Livin’ Easy X Robusta) X (Rugelda X R 15)-- Thank’s Henry…

(R. kordesii X Basye’s Amphidiploid) X (R. koresii X glacua derivitve) – thanks Robert

and others…

I’m getting tons of hips on Perle d’Or X Persian Sunset

Enrique, Kordesii x (glauca x pendulina) set hips on everything I tried it with this season.

It’s apparently quite pollen fertile.

Not that anything is even close, but here is a partial wish list.

(Morden Sunrise x William Baffin) x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

  • the seed parent is not a climber, recurrent blooming, cane hardy, OK disease resistance. OP seed germinated quite well.

  • the pollen parent is a mini/shrublet that did not bloom in its first year. It is loaded with buds and appears to be rather cane hardy.

  • I’m also considering using other mini seedlings of mine on this seed parent, these include 2 (Cal Poly x ‘explorer’) seedlings the ‘explorer’ is either William Baffin or John Cabot and 2 (Fairhope x Frontenac).

Alberta x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Frontenac x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Prairie Harvest x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Earth Song x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Gemini x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Scarlett Moss x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Red Fairy x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Pretty Lady x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

I’m trying out Prairie Celebration this year as a seed parent. It is a really healthy, cane hardy plant in my environment

Prairie Celebration x Midnight Blue

Prairie Celebration x Persian Autumn

Prairie Celebration x Persian Flame

Prairie Celebration x Julia Child

Prairie Celebration x Wing Ding

Prairie Celebration x Neon Cowboy

Prairie Celebration x Tiddly Winks

And finally, I’m going to make more of an effort to put ‘explorers’ on Gemini. I made quite a few pollinations with William Baffin last year, but the germination rate was horrendous. I’m hoping that these give me a better germination rate.

Gemini x John Cabot

Gemini x Prairie Celebration

Gemini x (Morden Sunrise x William Baffin)

Gemini x (Luis Desamero x John Cabot)

Gemini x Frontenac

Gemini x (Cal Poly x ‘explorer’)

I’m sure that there will be others, but these are at the top of my wish list.


G’Day George,

I reckon some of your crosses will take in winter in Sydney too… even down here in Tasmania some roses are still flowering, though their flowers are small, take a long time to open, and often have a reduced petal count. Instead of performing crosses at this time of year I’m still collecting pollen, drying it, and freezing it for use on early spring flowering roses like R. laevigata that flower before everything else. I reckon you should start a stockpile of pollen ready to hit the ground running in the new season :slight_smile:

Hi Simon.

Yep, I will take your advice, cheers!

i’m having some trouble with humidity. the pollen is not maturing properly.

i lucked out ,my wife put a dehumidifier in the basement to keep the humidity

low and keep mold from growing. so i have a few stems with the middle female part removed and i’ll shake the mature pollen into a shot glass and use on my finger. i was using a brush but should get better amount of pollen on

the pistils. some crosses so far: black cherry x moon dance

honey dijon x this is the day

strike it rich x marina

honey dijon x hot cocoa.

i did more but i for get! [getting old]. good luck to all! patrick

First bloom is already over here on the Gulf Coast. So far:

Safrano X R. laevigata

Perle d’Or X Safrano

Perle d’Or X Reve d’Or

Perle d’Or X Sven

Perle d’Or X Lavender Lassie

R. laevigata X Safrano

R. laevigata X Perle d’Or

(Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss) X Abraham Darby

(Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss) X (Scarlet Moss X Deuil de Dr. Reynaud)

(Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss) X Prairie Sunrise

(Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss) X Blue Girl

(Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss) X Cal Poly

R. arkansana furnished courtesy of David Zlesak. These crosses are all more than a month old and every bloom seems to be setting a hip.

R. arkansana X (Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss)

R. arkansana X Sevilliana?

R. arkansana X (Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X Prairie Sunrise)

R. arkansana X R. arkansana

R. arkansana X (Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X O.P.)

R. arkansana X Cal Poly

Savannah pink china (found china) X R. laevigata

Savannah pink china X Reve d’Or

Reve d’Or X Safrano

Reve d’Or X Savannah pink china seedling

Reve d’Or X Golden Angel

Sevilliana? X Scarlet Moss

Sevilliana? X Orange Honey

Sevilliana? X mixed pollen (R. arkansana, Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X Prairie Sunrise)

Scarlet Moss X mixed pollen (R. arkansana, Lavender Lassie)

Scarlet Moss X (Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss)

Scarlet Moss X (Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X Prairie Sunrise)

Orange Honey X Scarlet Moss

Orange Honey X R. arkansana

(Suntan Beauty X Abraham Darby) X (Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X Prairie Sunrise)

(Suntan Beauty X Abraham Darby) X Sevilliana?

(Suntan Beauty X Abraham Darby) X R. arkansana

(Suntan Beauty X Abraham Darby) X (Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss)

(Suntan Beauty X Abraham Darby) X Distant Drums

(Perle d’Or X Heinrich Karsch) X mixed pollen (Martha Gonzales, Cramoisi Superieur)

(Perle d’Or X Heinrich Karsch) X Reve d’Or

(Perle d’Or X Heinrich Karsch) X Sven

(Perle d’Or X Heinrich Karsch) X (rugosa seedling X palustris seedling)

Sven and the parent of the palustris seedling also furnished by David Z.

Golden Angel X R. arkansana

Golden Angel X Prairie Sunrise

(Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X Prairie Sunrise) X (Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss)

(Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X Prairie Sunrise) X Distant Drums

(Deuil de Dr. Reynaud X Prairie Sunrise) X Little Darling

Sven X Golden Angel

Cal Poly X R. arkansana

Cal Poly X (Distant Drums X Scarlet Moss)

Distant Drums X Sevilliana?

DIstant Drums X Prairie Sunrise

Distant Drums X Abraham Darby

Prairie Sunrise X R. arkansana

Prairie Sunrise X (rugosa seedling x palustris seedling)

Abraham Darby X Prairie Sunrise

Little Darling X Scarlet Moss

R. foliolosa X R. bracteata

R. bracteata X R. foliolosa

So far this is what I have tried

St. Thomas x fragaria

St. Thomas x Iceberg

St. Thomas x woodsii

So far no seed has set on St. Thomas I think it is still too young of a plant. And yes that is a strawberry. I figure that they were close enough in relation to give it a try.

Mableton Rouletin x fragaria

Mableton Rouletin x Iceberg

Mableton Rouletin x Homerun

Mableton Rouletin x pam

No seed set with Mableton Rouletin. Again I think it is still too young. Pam is an unknown species rose. I have had trouble identifying it. I am know thinking it may be a natural hybrid of R. arkansas.

Rise n

Oh by the way most of my crosses are exploratory crosses. Three to five crosses each. Just to see if I want to do the same cross next year. I do not have a lot of room and very few willing seed parent.

Finally got a few more crosses done, but if we don’t get a couple of days of sunshine soon I think the roses might all forget about blooming! The garden should be in full swing now but we’ve had two weeks of rain. We usually don’t have 14 days of rain spread out over the whole year here!

More crosses:

Halo Glory x “Dots Enough”

Persian Yellow x everything I have on hand

R. woodsii fendleri x Persian Yellow

Reine des Violettes x Camieux

Scentsational x Camieux

Scentsational x Candy Cane

R. arkansana x R. multiflora

Coffee Bean x “Dots Enough”

“Morning Stars” (found spotted alba-ish rose) x Aschermittwoch

Amazingly, though I wasn’t expecting anything at all, the woodsii/Persian Yellow hips are already swelling. May not be any seeds in them, but still, a hopeful sign!

Fara is certainly been a weird spring. The last time I went this long without seeing the sun I was living in Seattle.

So mark what is Sven.

“So mark what is Sven.”

See link.


Link: www.startribune.com/lifestyle/homegarden/16980371.html

I had a stroke mar.29th effecting my left leg and arm,but thru the grace of GOD i have about 80% recovery so far . and i have done a few crosses: Rio Samba x Fragrant Plum

Fragrant Plum x Rio Samba

Fragrant Cloud xMiss America

Miss America x Fragrant Cloud

Oklahoma xFragrant Cloud

Mr.Lincoln x Tropicana

Tropicana x Mr. Lincoln

Tropicana x Olympiad

Fragrant Cloud x Oklahoma

Knockout x Fragrant Cloud

Altissimo X Wild blue

Wild blue x Altissimo

I spent an hour or so yesterday spreading a little pollen around and after I finished we had the worst thunder, hail, wind and rain storm I have seen in years. So I hope some of these will take. I will redo these again in a few days when I get some more blooms to work with.

Cal Poly X Pascalli

Tropical Twist X Hot Cocoa

Tropical Twist X Livin’ Easy

Cal Poly X Hot Cocoa

Arlene Francis X Night Owl - No reason. It just happened.

And thanks to Robert for the idea of taking a Gigantea and shrinking it:

Medallion X Carnival Glass

Medallion X Trinket

I’m still waiting on Henri Martin and Chapeau de Napoleon to bloom. The amount of pollen will dictate what happens.

Larry, hope you get 100% well very soon!

Jeff, Henri Martin and all my other mosses are about a week behind, alas. We’ve had three weeks of rain and clouds and the mosses particularly seem to want their sun in order to mature.

Everyone, I’ve been hearing that Crested Sweetheart is infertile. Is this so? Or should I try anyway?

They’re telling us now to watch for severe storms. We had a forecast of “possible tornadoes” yesterday… sheesh, can’t I have just one week to do my crosses?!

Oh well, I must admit, I’ve never seen the Rocky Mountains so green, in the 30 years I’ve lived here.


“Everyone, I’ve been hearing that Crested Sweetheart is infertile. Is this so? Or should I try anyway?”

Don’t bother, Fa. Its as sterile as sterile gets. You should work with ‘Crested Jewel’ instead, which is fully fertile in both directions. It may not have the same OGR appeal as ‘Crested Sweetheart’, but you can recover that bloom form with careful selection of the other parent.

Thanks Fara…I’m on my way… Larry


my guess is that Complicata is a gallica x modern hybrid, so you may get some recurrent seedlings from it.