Welcome to the new Rose Hybridizers Association forum

Actually, it is the old forum migrated to new software. We are open for a trial run so we might disappear unexpectedly from time to time depending on the weather.

If you have not logged into the RHA forum in the past two years then you will need to register for a new account, sorry for the inconvenience. This was a setting I missed after it was too late to change.

Otherwise, your user names made it across but, alas, your passwords did not. Please use the password recovery link to set a new one.

You can have the system send you a one-time login link so you can log in to change the password in your profile page. I think.

It is now possible to log in using your Google ID if your email account matches your RHA forum account email address. You can also create a forum account using your Google login. And Facebook. And Twitter.

There are lots of other new features here that may take some time to get used to. Do yourself the favor of taking the tour when it is offered.

Note that you can change the wallpaper settings within your profile page. There are a couple of themes enabled at the moment, both having dark and light versions. More will follow later.

Whenever you create a new topic you are encouraged to post a photo in the first post where relevant. The software will make a thumbnail out of that photo for the main navigation. There are a few image gallery thingies in the posting menu to check out in that regard.

Finally, do create an avatar somehow and upload it to your profile.

Please send support requests and report problems and anomalies to:


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Thank you, Don, and others(?) who contributed to this monumental endeavor! It looks great. I look forward to finding my way around.

Well done-like it already.