Weird petal form

At first I thought these flowers had been damaged, but then noticed that they’re all like this on this particular seedling. Like a single-flowered Fimbriata or Grootendorst???
Not was I was shooting for, but it’s always fun to see what surprises will show up when seedlings first bloom.
weird petal form seedling.JPG
weird petal form close up.JPG

That’s really interesting. These are the first blooms? I wonder if they’ll change at all as the plant gets older. I’m pretty new with breeding, but I’m wondering whether this could be used in future generations to create a useful offspring.

For example, if the flower had more petals, I could imagine the randomly shaped petals would even put. Potentially, creating a really uniquely shaped rose. That reminds me a bit of Fireworks Ruffle. The petal shape is nothing like other roses, but they’re really striking. Your seedling has a different petal shape from that rose, so you could possibly get something really unique.