Wasn't expecting this from the cross.

Hi all,

After many years of trying I finally got a pollination to take on Th

And these are some of the others.

I wasn’t expecting this from the cross but cant say I’m disappointed with the result. I just hope they hold the colour as they mature, I think it could work well in landscape planting, provided the flower colour is complimentary.

Great photos Jinks; I hope the color last as well. Several years ago I tried Therese Bugnet both as a seed parent and as pollen parent without any luck. Others have said that TB is a good seed parent, so I was going to try again with a couple different pollens this year. So I


TB has a few species in its makeup, and purplish stems, no? I guess she’s the one throwing out stuff like that…

Regardless as to what shade of pink flower you might get, I’d think it should show nicely on those leaves! I’m hoping for paler – or even white, but wonder if MM will offer potential for white… Or if she’s more likely to transmit the phenotype of the rose she sported from – Sarah van Fleet. (Thoughts?)