Warning: Stupid Newbie Question to follow

Hi, folks,

Does anybody have a copy, or know where I can download a copy. of the form the IRAR wants for naming a rose after a living person? I can’t find it on their website, or on ARS’s. Help!

Why is this stupid? I think people can help you with it.

Here you go. If you lose the link, Google ICRA roses. Unfortunately, the old name for the registration authority brings up the correct result better: IRAR roses.


Cass, before I wrote, I checked that site, and couldn’t find the actual form. Will keep looking!


Hmm. You’re right, Fara. The form is for submitting online, not for downloading. It states, “This form may be printed and reproduced locally.” I don’t know if there is a pdf. Did you email Marily using the Registration Committee link?