Wanted: 'Therese Bugnet' pollen

Anyone currently have ‘Therese Bugnet’ pollen they can send me? I’ll be happy to provide pollen of anything I can in exchange, thanks.

Paul B.

I have my “supper mother” (Therese Bugnet X OP) X OP.

It is #32 in my list:

Link: spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pxHhTw7ylg7-ZLZEfJr4eEw&hl=en


Where have your web pages about your roses gone? I wanted to look up this seedling and some of your others, but the http://home.neo.rr.com/kuska/ pages appear to be gone.

I would like to try pollen of your #32 seedling, thanks Henry! I will email you in private.


RoadRunner changed the address to:


Link: home.roadrunner.com/~kuska/

You’ve got some great stuff here Henry.

My tb may be about finished blooming; will check it this pm.

not a bloom left on tb; it’s an early bloomer here.

Thanks Dave, for looking. I think I have a lead on it elsewhere. I will also take Henry up on his offer.