virtually thornfree offspring

Mike Shoup’s Roemer’s Hip Happy has produced a virtually prickle-free seedling for me. Never really noticed until it began to go dormant in early December and the relatively smooth stems became visible. Highly recommend it for those looking for “thorn free” seedlings. RHH is also extremely resistant to black spot here in middle GA.
Roemer's Hip happy seedling.JPG

Thanks for the tip, Stephen!

Pretty! Precisely the type I don’t mind dead heading or pruning, though “blood” is a good fertilizer. Just not MINE.

Very nice photos on HMF from the Peggy Rockefeller Rose garden, which can only mean good things. Does look good.

Hi Stephen,
Is yours seedling an open pollinated plant or a controlled cross?

OP seedling. I generally attempt to 1) discover how fertile a rose variety is re: germination, 2) observe variability in OP seedlings, 3) observe disease resistance in OP seedlings, 4) make deliberate crosses with a specific goal of BS resistance/landscape value/novelty. RHH produces a fair number of OP germinating seedlings, but many look like mom. This one was unique in color, white with a pink blush, extremely BS resistant (like mom), and surprisingly - nicely fragrant (to a much greater degree than mom).