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[From my inbox today - the VID selections are especially worthy of attention as are Salita and Sympathie - Don]

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March 5, 2014


Thank you for your patience with our One of a Kind Sale!

Below you will find a current list of what remains in our inventory currently. You can see that the roses went quickly!

We will be emailing acknowledgments of what you received on your orders over by the end of the day on Thursday, March 6. We know how stressful the suspense can be, and that you need to make plans for other rose purchases.

Thank you! And look ahead to next week when we offer up the Anne Belovich ramblers!

Gregg Lowery
Vintage Gardens

Remaining in Vintage Gardens Inventory from our One of a Kind Release
Below is our revised list of what remains at the end of Tuesday.

Please note that our website offered up miscellaneous prices on orders placed on line, but as we indicated in our email this morning, all of the One of a Kind roses were priced at $20, and currently available French Import roses are $30 each.

Ch “Ferndale Red China” 1
ChCl Setina 1
E Jeannie Deans 1
Fl Centenaire de Lourdes 1
Fl Europeana 1
Fl Fire and Ice 14
Fl Fred Loads 1
Fl Holstein 1
Fl Impatient VID 1
Fl Jazz Fest VID 1 0
Fl Kirsten Poulsen 3
Fl Lili Marlène 1
Fl Lipstick 1
Fl Orange Garnet VID 2
Fl Playboy 1
Fl Showbiz VID 2
FlCl Heidelberg 9 1
HB “California Malton” 1
HM Heinrich Conrad Soth 1
HM Verdi 2
HP Dr. Masaryk 4*
HP François Arago 5*
HP Marguerite Guillard (Loubert) 8*
HP Mme. de Staël 15*
HP Paul’s Single White Perpetual 3*
HP Rose de Bouffarik 2*
HP Silver Queen 1*
HP “Souvenir de Mme. Berthier” 5*
HT Blithe Spirit 1
HT Broadway 1
HT Chivalry 3
HT Die Welt 2
HT Ellen Willmott 1
HT Frances Ashton 1
HT Harry Wheatcroft 1
HT Kalahari 3
HT Love VID 1
HT Macho Man 1
HT Maria Callas VID 1
HT Movie Star 1
HT Peach Beauty VID 1
HT Slava 2
HT Tropicana VID 1
HTCl Amy Johnson 1
HTCl General MacArthur, Climbing 1
HTCl Queen Elizabeth, Climbing VID 8
HTCl Reine Olga de Wurtemburg 9
LCl Casa Blanca 2
LCl Coral Dawn 1
LCl Crimson Cascade 1
LCl Doubloons VID 1
LCl Dr. Covell’s Carrotrooted Understock 2
LCl Eden 6
LCl Étendard 1 0
LCl Gold Rush VID 2
LCl Golden Threshold 3
LCl High Noon 1
LCl JACclam (aka America™) 1
LCl Joseph’s Coat VI 1 1
LCl Lawrence Johnston 4
LCl Leverkusen 3
LCl Olive 5
LCl Pelé 4
LCl Rosendorf Schmitshausen 1
LCl Salita 8
LCl Sympathie 2
LCl Tempo VID 1
LCl The Prince’s Trust 1
LCl White Cocade 2
LCl William Baffin 1 2
M “Joséphine de Beauharnais” 15*
Min Magic Carrousel VID 1
Min Oakington Ruby 1
N “Lingo Musk” 1
N Narrow Water 1
Pol Ave Maria 5*
Pol Mme. Taft 2 4*
Pol Petite Marcelle 24*
Pol Rösel Dach 16*
PolCl Rose de Montplaisir 4*
R America 3
R Baby Shower 4
R Chevy Chase 5
R Cooper’s Burmese 4
R Dr. Huey VID 4
R Harry Maasz 1
R “Mystery Muse” 3
R Not Cherub 4
R Purity 7 1
R Ramona 3
R Roserie 2
R Wartburg 1
R Windermere 3
S Ferdy 10
S Hamburger Phoenix 7
S Illusion 1
S Romanze 1
S Rosy Cushion 4 3
S Salmon Wings 7*
S Sandrine David 2*
S Yellow Butterfly 3
S/AUS John Clare 6
S/Aus Red Coat 1

*Starred items are French Imports priced at $30 each

As always you are amazing and wonderful customers!

Thank you!

Gregg Lowery
Vintage Gardens

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