Villa des Tybilles / Oratam suitable for breeding?

‘Villa des Tybilles’ is a spectacular R. rubrifolia X R.rugosa rubra hybrid. The hips are particularly striking, as shown here. Villa de Tybilles | Wildrosen - Hybriden | Bioland Rosenschule Uckermark, Rosen-Shop
Can anyone report on the suitability for breeding with this rose?

Has anyone ever bred with ‘Oratam’? I discovered and observed this beautiful rose, already years ago, in a fenced neighboring property little further away, even with many hips on it. Unfortunately, there are no offsprings listed on HMF so far. This rose should have strong damask cent and tolerates partial shade. Remarkable is the rose color. A yellow tinted pink, like a darker apricot tone. An unusual flower color for a damascena rose. It is a hybrid of R. damascena X Souvenir de Claudius Pernet.

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