Victorian Memory (Isabella Skinner) or Champagne Arches Experience?

I am wondering if anyone out there has experience in breeding with either of these roses?
Specifically, will either of them pass on juvenile remontancy?
I used them as pollen parents. Only one hip on either of them, with no germinations (even with extraction), so pollen became the focus.
Unfortunately, due to an extended trip and ensuing chaos, I didn’t get all of my crosses fully labeled last season. At least I was able to record pollen parents on the plant for this one, just not label each hip. I did use different pollens on different hips. So, when I harvested seeds I separated into three different bags, figuring there should be a division of pollen parents to some degree.
I was expecting a possibility of juvenile remontancy from 1173 (thanks Joe!!!) and from
Red Dawn x Suzanne pollen. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these two pollens.
I surely wasn’t expecting repeat from William Lobb or Old Pink Moss.
I have, however, buds forming on more seedlings than I would expect, from germination from different bags of seeds.
So is it possible to get blooms within two months from either of these pollens?
Seed parent was Lilian Austin.
thanks for any thoughts!

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