Viability and what now?

End of Autumn here in Australia and I want to have a practice germinating.
My question is are any of the seeds pictured (assuming the picture has loaded) less viable than others and what should I do now, please?
Random, open pollinated hip (may be possible to identify seed plant later - from owner).


Welcome pavlovais! I don’t know about the others here, but my experience has been that it isn’t necessarily obvious from an eye-ball examination what is or is not viable. There are several ways to determine viability, but most are destructive to the achene except for the float test. Have you placed them in a little water to see which float and which do not? Those that float typically have dead embryos. Personally, if you have the space that is, I would stratify them all and wait and see. Nothing like the experience to teach one.

Whatever you decide, happy growing and please keep asking questions!


Welcome! The more seeds, the more chance of germination. Put them in some damp soil in the refrigerator and leave them 2 - 3 months. Others here will offer more advice. Good luck!


Yes, welcome! You’ve been given good advice. I’ve had seeds I thought had little hope produce good seedlings and others I figured should have done well be total duds. Plant everything you can handle and see what happens. It’s the only way to learn what works where you are. Like anything else, it’s highly location, location, location.

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Gosh! Thank you for the welcome and these useful tips!
Kitterman, I will float them out of curiosity but try all anyway as Roseseek suggests (this answer was surprising so I am glad I asked AND received a reply).
Heather, I have read about the stratifying but wasn’t exactly clear about it or whether it was essential but will process as described. Am I looking for germination in the fridge or is it meant to occur after the ‘frigidizing’, when in a seedling medium?
My location is Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia, and deemed a ‘Mediterranean’ climate - cool wet winters and warm dry summers. (Local roses look happy enough!)

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Sometimes they germinate in the fridge, but mostly afterwards. That’s my experience. And again, gather as many seeds as you possibly can. Rose seeds do not germinate as easily as other plants. It’s a delight every single time one grows for me.