Using Polyanthas for Heat tolerance

I know that a couple of breeders are using polyanthas to breed roses that are heat tolerant as well as suitable for tropical or at least sub-tropical climates (Rippetoe & Viraraghavan). Are there any other contemporary breeders so engaged, and if so, what are the polyanthas being utlized?


Jim Delahanty, pursuing the elusive polyantha

I finally got my ARS magazine today and noticed the new polyantha registrations. I like the crosses. I look forward to hearing more about these.

Isn’t David working on Polys? I find most Polys inherently heat resistant.

I have a seedling that could be something like a polyantha…

Sutter’s Gold X Renae.

At one point, I had a cross of Perle D’ Or X Renae seedlings… but, all of them were very weak and yellow.

I have both Cecil Brunner (the true one) and Perle D’ Or… always meant to cross them, but I haven’t yet.

The Fairy is obviously the most used one.

Lullaby is super nice, but it’s near sterile for me.

I think I will stick to Carefree Marvel though. It has all the polyantha characteristics with the heat tolerance, but also is not prone to mildew like a lot of the older, true polyanthas.

What about Trier? It’s pretty much a giagantic ball of polyantha, lol.