Using Palmengarten Frankfurt

I am looking for any information or experience with using Palmengarten Frankfurt in hybridizing. I have a client for whom I planted several P.F. patio trees, which are now 3-4 yrs. old, and when I saw them last week I could not believe their abundance of bloom with minimal care. When one sees the flowers in photos, they look somewhat casual and informal, but when they are in full bloom, they have a very nicely formed flower with some fragrance and impeccable health. I snagged some pollen, and was wondering what and how dominant that rose was. Could not find any info on HMF.

I should amend the “not find any info on HMF” to “not find much helpful info on HMF”. I am aware that it is a Kordes rose, hardy, disease free, and dayglo pink, with profuse blooms. I also know that it must be deadheaded to rebloom well(as opposed to reblooming well whether deadheaded or not, like Carefree Beauty), so am not aware if it sets hips.

Jackie, I think the only way to know anything about this one is to try working with it. You could try it for pollen until you find whether it sets hips.

Looking at the lineage there’s a chance it may be triploid but that’s not necessarily an indication of infertility.