Updated Website, At Long Last. Cuttings, anyone?

Hi, folks,

I finally got around to updating (most of) my garden website. It’s time to start making cuttings, so if anybody wants anything from my list that I can legally/ethically/practically make cuttings of, please let me know. I’ll try my best.

Link: shimbopottery.com/roses

Hi Fara,

Interesting list. I saw where you are using R. omeiensis ptericantha as an artistic model. I have some photos that might be useful to you. I can’t access the email function here but if you would like to send me a note I will send them along.


Oh my, you’re offering cuttings? I wish I had more mature plants, I could send cuttings to people too, I feel a bit behind and need to practice taking cuttings myself on my Roseraie de L’Hay. You willing to share Fort Pella Pink and Fort Pella White Merlot? I would love to have them here in Maryland.

Later in the season I often collect seeds from the plants I grow, like milkweed, sunflowers, morning glories, etc. I could send you some if you want…

Email me, ryochi500@aol.com

Hello Fara Shimbo,

I’m interested in miniatures, especially micro’s. I’m not picky cuz I appreciate each plants individuality. Where do we go from here?



I only have one miniature that’s my own, Pimpernel on the website. Will be happy to try and make cuttings later in the year when the plant is a bit bigger. Beautiful little rose, too bad it has no fragrance!



I like that one…and the pottery is really neat too.

Oranges ‘n’ Lemons is patented, last I heard, so can’t make that.

Thanks for the comments on the pottery!

Yes, your pottery is beautiful! I’ve never heard of the technique, but it’s gorgeous. Do you play with oxidation to get those colors?