Unusual first flower (so far)...

From a large batch of OP ‘Papageno’ seeds this seedling has appeared. The goal was to test ‘Papageno’ seeds for germinability and, because it has ‘Ferdinand Pichard’ in its pedigree, to see if it passed on its stripes. The seeds germinated really easily and around 90% success was achieved. A few are beginning to flower now, though are not yet fully open. This is a strange one that is not quite fully open but is, in the bud, green and red striped. This image was taken a few days ago and today, whilst still not fully open, it looks to be very nearly ready to open fully and the green has actually intensified and darkened. I’m was half expecting the green to go white and was wonderng what people’s experiences with green in rose flowers was and what future developments could be expected from this seedling (colourwise)? The seedling is vigorous, strong, and so far clean of mildew in the greenhouse. ‘Papageno’ has been a great seed parent with its own pollen so maybe it will be equally good with other pollens and may also continue to pass on the stripes as it appears it does.

You’ll see quite a few atypical looking blossoms among new seedlings. They are fascinating to watch. The green petals here look to be guard petals. I’m guessing this blossom will eventually open normally but won’t be typical for this seedling.

Sometimes it takes awhile to see really happening.

In large operations they toss out seedlings that don’t show themselves right away.

I try to be more patient. As I’m getting older I’m more inclined not to take the space and time.

So many roses, so little time!

It looks like it is going to be a very interesting colored bloom…Green and Red, just in time for Christmas. Please post a picture when it opens fully.

This is what it looks like tonight (sorry for the crappy photo… taken with a flash… it was dark when I got home tonight).

You can still see the green stripes on the guard petals.

I think it’s going to be a ripper… no scent though :frowning:


I have so enjoyed these threads and your pictures of Papageno OP seedlings are stunning. Each one is a beauty.

I am thinking, all I need to do is buy one plant of Papageno and I could make a beautiful rose garden with just its OP progeny. Please keep showing what it can do. Winter is approacing in the Northern Hemisphere and your seedlings are a feast to the eyes and spirit. All the different colors and bicolors and each a first rate beauty.



Thank Jim,

They haven’t been put out in the garden yet though… so they could be black spot disasters and make awful bushes etc… so I wouldn’t rush out and buy it just yet based on my photos :wink: