Unripe hips

Hi all. I’m newish at this so I need your experience. I just noticed the stems on one of my hips this year was starting to shrivel, but the hip wasn’t fully ripe. I found 3 good sized seeds inside but my guess is they are not quite ripe enough. The cross was “Love and Peace” x “Marilyn Monroe”. I’d hate to lose this cross. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting seedlings from these seeds? Should I dry them before putting them in the fridge?

Judy Singer (aka SunQueen)

Judy, unless the seeds were pollinated at least 2 months ago they’re probably not going to germinate. Definitely don’t dry them. If you think they might germinate, go ahead and plant them and keep the medium damp.

They were pollinated May 1, so they’re only 5 weeks old. Sad :frowning:

I’ll try anyway.