Unexpected suprises-- germinations

Usually germination occurs a bit latter in the season. Well I gave a few germinations of ‘Livin’ Easy’ x ‘R. kordesii’ collected on September 26. What I thought was intrested is that the seedlings look like rugosa seedlings-- very tiny and thin, but the seeds they came from were very huge. I hope to get a nice orange climber from this cross, or a seedling to use as a stud parent.

I also got a germination of Prospero and an unspecified rugosa hybrid. That little sprout is also thin and delicate like a rugosa sprout. Makes me very happy.


=) Awesome!

Hi Enrique, I’m getting some germination now too. I love having something to watch going into the cooler weather. I’ve still got bracteata blooming! I think I’ll sow more seed again early next year. AND Congratulations! Those are some interesting crosses. Thanks for sharing. Robert

I am intrested in working with bracteata, but mostly in inducing tetraploid plants. I’m expecting ‘White Suprise’ soon and that will be quite intresting. Depending how much cuttings the person is providing me, and how many I get rooted, I am going to hit it up with all kinds of methods and ways. First I’m going to root them, and then remove them from their place on the threshold of spring and keep them on moist sand. When I see evidence of actively dividing cells, I am going to put one plant in ice water (with ice, and no thermo for records) for 3 days. Another plant I am going to submerge it in plain water, another in plain old coffee, and put those in a mini fridge and keep it as cold as possible without making the water into a block of ice for three days.

And I have Preen and Surflan to use. I use varius methods of application.

I am not too sure about even getting a buld of autumn crocus, least put it in a blender and mash it up. I don’t want to experiance a horrible death if an accident occurs.

Hi Enrique, though I know someone who has used colchicine on occasion, I would never attmpt such a thing on my own. His applications were all done in a sealed unit made for such use using gloves etc. I prefer to do things the old fashioned way as time consuming as that may be. Please do be careful. Thanks, Robert

Yea, that’s the problem. I need to have all the safety things done, and I just don’t have a place to do it. If I had a “lab” of my own and have seen this done before hand by an expert, then I may consider doing this my own. But I’m not going to do it until then.