Uncommon Rose Closed?

This message appears on their website if you log on. Did someone buy them out? Or just closing? I’ve bought many interesting roses from them over the years.

The Uncommon Rose is now closed.

These last nine years have been an awesome adventure, but we’re moving on to new things. We thank you for your patronage and loyalty over the years. We hope we’ve inspired folks to preserve the remarkable diversity of roses.


Link: www.uncommonrose.biz

It’s just as the website says. They were not bought out.

It’s horrible. They were fantastic. I evangelized them to everyone I could. The worst part for me is, I never had a chance to get a copy of Allegra. I’ll personally send a check for $10 to Paul Barden if someone will send me a cutting! :slight_smile:

This is really too bad. They did a wonderful job. The fact that they seemed happy and willing to look at “amateur” breeders offerings is a loss for us as well. Where, for example, will we find Paul Barden’s material?

They may be only dealing with nurseries/wholesale/retail instead of mail order.

A friend of mine emailed them out of curiosity. Evidently they’re only wholesale now, and only for Paul Barden varieties. I’m told that about a week ago they cleaned out their greenhouses, spelling doom for a whole lot of leftover stock. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

At least this means there’s a chance of one day buying more Bardens, assuming other nurseries decide to pick them up.

There will be a news release on my web site very shortly regarding the future of my roses in commerce. Thanks for your interest.

Paul Barden

Uncommon Rose was perhaps the best nursery with one of the best page layout on the net… right befor Heirlooms.

It’s very sad, and Paul… let us know what will happen to your roses.

I regret that I haven’t released anything with them in the past.

Amity’s with Janet is very nice, I talked to her once years ago when she lived in San Jose. I just wish that her family would make their website more intersting… because sometimes we don’t want to buy. Just window shop.