Uncle Joe as seed or pollen parent?

I cannot find anything re: descendants of Uncle Joe (Toro). Has anyone succeeded in using UJ for breeding and if so as which parent? Do the bees just get tired of waiting for it to open? Does the pollen become too old? Thanks for any suggestions.

Kern-1971 is the breeder.

The rose must have warm nights to open.

Cross Mirandy x Charles Mallerin x seeding.

If you like red and want a good rose to work with as a pod parent Chrysler Imperial. Its vigorous and comes from even older back ground 1953 Lammmerts. Plus Mirandy is the seed parent. Good luck.

Your Bud.


aka Roseman.

I never had any luck with Uncle Joe as a pollen or seed parent.

Neither have we! Most of the time the blooms are too late to do anything outside. Might have to collect some pollen and give it a try in the greenhouse.