Un-Named Red HT Seedling Wanted

I represent University of Mississippi in their quest of an un-named hybrid tea rose seedling to represent the University. We are interested in purchasing the naming rights and plant patent assignment to a suitable unique rose. We will want to name it “Ole Miss” which is a registered trademark of the University. The school colors are red and blue. A red or red bi_color hybrid tea is desired which we will propagate and market both in bush form and cut stem. Example suitable colors would be like roses Veteran’s Honor or Ronald Reagan. Red bi-colors would include neutral second color such as a silver or cream reverse. We would prefer an un-named seedling that is relatively mature in the hybridizing cycle, i.e. has been garden grown a few seasons. I would gladly like to discuss further details. Thankyou, Richard Kollath rkollath@yahoo.com

Would you consider a miniature or miniflora rose with hybrid tea form? They are very floriferous.

Must have only a hybrid tea…red or red bicolor.